Reading group + a poem

The reading group is going good. After a slow start we finally got everybody here at the temple last night and read the introduction and first coupla chapters. Ruiz starts off with sort of a different take on the adam and eve story. Compares the tree of knowledge to that voice in our head wich allows us to believe the voice in our head as the truth rather than believing in the tree of life which has little to do with what we “think” we know and more to do with the perfect cycle of life (God’s creation).
He’s going into his own personal life, his relationship with his grandfather in the second chapter which is really cool for me because i’ve always been fascinated with how his shift back to the toltec occured (from a near death/life experience). anyways, really cool stuff if you get a chance to read it, i highly recommend the book The Way of Knowledge by Don Miquel Ruiz.
here’s a poem i wrote.
the sad quiet boy
sits in the back
afraid of the noise
that comes from his mouth
afraid of the waves
his thoughts might make
is there a place for soul
in this play?
is there a way to love
with no waves?
the cave mouth widens
their mindless banter
becomes that chatter
that leads to hope
in the heart of
the here-after
each tear seers
as it leaves the lid
cheek skin red
and tender
holding the pain gripped hand
he had failed to remember
she eats her andes after dinner mint
HE stomps by
back and forth
forth and back
what light animates these
smiling talking faces?
one with the mullet who
is befudled by choices
the other who’s eyes
and gestures make me

Benefit for the Dano people in West Africa this Friday

There’s a benefit put on by a Shamanism group that i’m involved with this friday at 7pm. My roomie Rosey and I’ll be doing an offering, and reading some poetry with muscial accompanyment by Mike Woofchuc. There’s a $10 suggested donation. Below is the flyer I designed for it.
It a bummer that we have a really awesome show at the crux that overlaps this event but that’s just the way it flows sometimes. I’ll still be at the crux dancin all night after the benefit! lovin you,

AAARRRGGGHHHH!! VIDEO IS HARD!+temple painting pics

i’m working on this video for my friend coL tonight and it’s REALLY tough. working with video is not easy. Anybody down to do some trade for finalcut pro lessons?
I included the photos of the temple as promised, I almost forgot to take em prior to painting completely over the blue. the warm weather is gone. been tough to paint in 3o degree weather. as soon as it starts to get nice though. I’m on it. Christines been helping out too, so that makes a huge helping difference.
it’s gunna be SO dope.
i’ll send you pics of the final product.


not sure what that means,
went for a walk with maia,
thought (as i have been alot lately) about the interconnectedness of all things,
like the term consciousness, it seems this word comes close to being the most spiritual of all with no connotation of religion or “spirituality”.
if you are conscious then you are experiencing all that is, and to what degree you are conscious or aware that you ARE this consciousness will determine how you choose to interact with that wich creates itself constantly.
pretty cool, strange stuff, i feel like i’m dreaming a lot lately
remember when “they” would always tell you to stop daydreaming in school. What if they never told you that? i wonder if i stopped subconsciously, if i turned off the daydream at some point.
the weather here in chico is strangely amazing it’s like 70 something and sunny,
i’ve been painting (prepping to paint) my house for the last week, i’m going to take pictures tomorrow so i can show you.
give thanks for our eyes touching eachothers,

radio show and rico writing

I got the radio show again this semester, anyone can check it out since it’s on the net. My show is called opening the sky cave, i’ll be reading some poetry and various writings, doing some interviews and playin some super cool music. Check it out if you can, it’s thursday nights from 9:30-11:30.
i met this really cool person at the naked lounge tonight a young genius who’s sisters with this other amazing kid i recently met. When you (i) meet young people that are REALLY powerful it makes me happy. Give thanks for these wonderlings and all soul brothers and sisters.
I’ve included some writing from my friend rico–fellow aquarian–he goes into these hyperreality trance states and writes this beautiful perfect nonesense/altersense i should say– it’s really great stuff– abstract–i can relate check it:
Staring , the motion shifts carefully in calculated moves, care to fly?
The fly distorts data that redemes passing thoughts collecting for 1-800 blindness Inc.
…click for deadlines on tuesdays fading dots, fly home, to the country, breakdown, breakthrough, self mocking mirrored moments of nervous laughter, pure, even if its too heavy, he still thought about the combinations but first he thought of her,
his daughter, he spoke of her mostly, it was obvious he cared and I thought he was lucky for being human
to love all without dirctly saying it, to calmly say, im here…
she wanted to get through while driving in the car, maybe the motion after 4 years of screaming either adopted change too early or too late,but the need for two always proceeded the need for one, even it was to be handled to
dress up, we still all needed each other, after all these years, to talk to , with and through the airs errors,
signs motions emptiness breeding absence within the presence of knowing how time dissolved with all the things you didnt say,or couldnt say, and I gave up on the collective spiritual efforts after discovering pure spirituality was only embarked upon in complete void of man, inside the circles of space, a dark universe, internally boundless of
deep space, the answers were, to connect and put together how you saw it, infinite, as the light universe was well traveled, but limited, the obstacles created missing pieces of the puzzle.

reading group Mondays

Greetings all
I am starting a reading group of the spiritual nature here at the temple on Monday evenings @ 7:30 following the daily meditation. The format is fairly loose as of yet, we can invent it as we go along. Read a couple chapters, discuss, bring in relevant, parallel information, talk of our own experiences. It should be quite fun and enriching, a good way to expand our daily lives.
The first book we’ll be reading is The Voice of Knowledge, by Don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love and others).
you can link to amazon from here and buy the book (shipping and all) for under $15
This Monday Feb 13 will be a brief intro into Don Miguel and the Toltec Teachings.
No reading is required.
We’ll be listening to an interview with one of Don Miguel’s disciples
you can find this here:
scroll down to the very bottom, its an interview with Gary Van Warmerdam,
who studied under Don Miguel.
The following Week Mon. Feb 20th we’ll be discussing the intro and first chapter.
the group is free,
tea’s on me

the cup was never a cake

Freshly squeezed foundation of molten green clay
shapeshifting into the certainty of uncertainty the tomrmenting claims of the minds disease fade away faster and faster and until the clammoring voices cease i will wear my outsides inside out clinging to the resistence that smiles
taking into account the other, now the path is tread with no lending ear to sing to softly and quite inconveniently at the best part of the song, mixing quietly in the innocent piles of her hair, a waiting room for disaster, but incalcuable plodding was being done by the master, whos face glowed red behing the evershifting green maleable container.
contained within this bag:
nail clippers
pair of gloves
black lipstick
all striving for equality i cannot and will not choose between your quality and quantity find the taste of the nasal injection refundatory
the cup was never a cake
until today

Today’s my birth-day (the big three OH)

my sister mom and niece came to chico yesterday to hang out for my birthday. It was extremely amazing, i give endless thanks to be part of such an amazing experience. I’ll give you a link to my moms kodak gallery when she gets the photos up, she was snapping away the whole vist 😉
my friend labeba wrote me this emai:
I’ve included a picture of her from her recent music making exscursion to jamaica,
many blessings and gifts of mutating light creatures to guide you on this amazing path.
On this day I give thanks for you and feel so blessed to be able to share
moments and commune in sacred space.
Love and hugs,
In the heart of freedom
wings spread
this love like a dove
taking off beyond the horizon
giving thanks for the beauty of this life
giving thanks for all of creation
as you breathe
the sky blessess you with endless

i’m “off” work for a bit

i’ve got the month of february off from my graphic design job as chico state.
i’m putting up a show at the naked lounge tonight, go check it out if you get a chance.
I’v been working on a big piece for it all day. I’m going to go meet with my music professor to see what kind of stuff i need to get my keyboard and 808 to play with my computer.
i’ve included a couple of images, the first one( above) is an assemblage piece my friend bill gave me for my birthday (feb 6). It’s of the Greenman, it actually came at a very important time as my dreams were getting really scary.
the picture below is of a bird and some collage materials which is what i was working on this morning.
many blessings,