Blast offerings lifting

Blast offerings lifting,
all I’s focusing inward,
the space ships within
whispers, streaming forth
a common path, that which subtly shifts
the quickening longing
to love, to give, to offer, in light, that which is I.
Dreamtime statuettes, traced around each face.
each smiling eye that beams with uncertainty
these, are your brothers and sisters, your sons and daughters
this is the dream team you’ve chosen,
a miraculous intermingling of flesh and spiraling life force,
brilliant hues dancing upon the surface of each smiling thought form
connecting with each smiling thought form connecting with each smiling thought form
In THESE I’s, she preaches
singing the hymns of rainbow blood.
We The People
we the conquerers of matter, the causes,
sailors of the night shade light socket luxury cruise ship of eternity,
your eyes are burning bliss holes through the fabric of every fibrous yes membrane that composes this intrinsically giving suit of constancy,
all hard wired with the frequency to spawn a new breed of human being.
the countdown beginning within.
the pyramidal bass drum
providing the foundation for lights upward movement, the boom, boom, boom of mamas heart beat,
the tune that needs every voice to make her melody.
The Room that decides to conjure up each starlight shuffle kung fu kick dance move ever invented
your burning body, brilliant, standing on the tip of the iceberg, but rapidly melting the ice beneath as you slide into the body that’s been hidden, until now,
until this very moment, when you decide
I am going to love you
I am going to love you.