to deam all worthy is the ultimate gift

To deam all worthy
is the ultimate gift
the thread that underlies
her loving whispers
putting forth the seeds of change
to recognize whos holding the reigns
cosmic shuttle which speeds
along and holds
all in its endless vestage
spinning up
and out
of the cave mouth
to silently float above it all
—the creative creatures are like ants—
each and every one
constantly working
each carries a ton
a piece of the whole
which needs to be delivered
and the only path to lead you there
is the loving course that winds
through her silver shining hair
each strand but a jaunt
an instant
of the vast web that binds all dreamers
to her cosmic dance
finds me at your doorstep
a package in my arms
a delivery you never knew you needed
yet the hours days and lifetimes
spent in desparation all
fall into place
as the gift is opened
it shows on your face
the recognition is within
your higher being
your trance is broken
from your lips
incomprehensible words are spoken
this lifetime
is for
and I
am the deliverer
of this temperance,
now it’s your turn to manifest
and deliver
a being so bright
i can no longer see
but this is the light
that binds
i to you
and you to me.

matheus the cockroach, the first planting of the front garden & a poem

it was only a matter of time until cosmic butterfly would spread her wings and fly. i heard her calling.
her cosmic twirling tongue tickles the insides of the spiraling lotus of my heart.
the dream teams up with the extreme being that stands in the minds eye
always pushing the agenda to surrender small mind to something much greater
the ravine that drains to the heart of remembrance
the point in the cosmic center of the spiral
where all minds connect in silence
listen to the beam as it sends messages
always answer the questions it asks with undying perfection
and how does or why would one fall out of the net of love once captured
not sure if i fell
i stood solidly on two feet-
waiting for dream sequence to bind me with its cosmic binary code
standing in the tower overseeing the tightly knit city streets
high above the rest
i can feel cockroach stirring in my veins
his robotic dance skirting under doorways
escaping the boots of the bouncing cooks
he whispers
i mock no one
and this light is the proof
the redeamer dreams in a million colors and never surrenders the choice of love but gives unconditionally under all circumstances shifting their glances to bid farewell to all whos agressive edges will fall under the angels spell.
on the eigth day rain will fall and flood the angelic beings with the new agenda
preparation entails ultimate surrender
be the proof as pure water flows from underneath
capturing all eyes as sky cave sees all faces
deam them worthy and empty vesselss will fill them with this bliss
touching light as light is gifted
tickling toungues as minds are shifted with this heavenly kiss.
this is remembrance.

life is amazing

2 pictures of seamonster in her birthday hat after sushi.
this is a link to a website where you can make a portfolio, it’s the same place my buddy dave brown (links section) used. scope it.
it’s been sunny for the last coupla days. I’ve been taking maia for walks through the park while it’s raining, the river is way above average. john said it had rained for 40 of the last 45 days? wtf.
life is absolutely amazing, i can’t imagine how i could be anything at all.