queen for a day

queen for a day
i admire through eyes
who’s love had all but retired
and orange tentacles
of delight shoot
like mighty spires
they paint the sky
winding their way
to castle of love
floating, peacefully above it all.
a black knight.
a unicorn.
a scene from a child’s dream.
haunted, as the bars that bind us.
lost instances
re-instate the taste of
true love’s kiss
a childlike innocence
who’s words are in excess.
only eyes are able to express
inner confidence and
her arms unfold
and open
beckoning me in.
i adapt like chameleon
retrieving soul fire from surroundings
winding cloak of captive creators
I mount the first step to her spire
and realize the flight
has been paved
by the sages from
every age.
a quiet voice inside reminds,
“you’ve done this before”
but not quite the same this time,
tempted by the strength of internal
bliss button
i retreat
into the cave
and recall each suggestion
1. i sit and attempt to transmute
space to open arms of grace,
at which i fail
internal eyes open upon my ability
to fully engage in heartfelt passion
2. meet with eyes of love
i’ve not seen since first love’s flavor,
floods reclaim the adolescent shame
and rain falls on minds window pain,
simple and profound previews of power
beg me to center
to re-enter and dress with spicy topping.
3. cataclysmic initiate reunites past and present
however medicine numbs, now calling
for reflection, return to basket,
and re-instate first simple suggestion
paraphrased “fully engage in heart felt passion”
and in the nearing of the re-entry of the perfect octave
my heart rests
in revelation-
i re-instate the calling of heart
and await
who is this?
the receiver asks.
the schizophrenic voice insists
I uncomfortably shift
childlike sage is a she-queen starfish.
who’s eyes
long to grant
just one wish.
the deepest kiss
always insists
on the strength of
the glowing helixes
that pour from her
soul orbs like a hail storm.
and rather than
run for cover
as i would have in the past
i stand
in mind bending silence
staring into the liquid
avalanches advance
and smile
teeth showing
deepest depths
of inner heart
“there is no way in hell
a writer could script this perfection”
-and all this
because of one
take hold
of my ineffable reigns
as i streak by
what ?
who said that?
i guffaw (which i never do)
and my etheric entrails
are spewed forth and laid
before me
on an astral operating table
>THIS one restructures reaction to egoic drives
>THIS allows integration of heart felt pleasure
given by godess guru in divine contract.
what are you telling me?
are you talking about destiny?
who is asking who.
i see
a parable to perplex
the suggesters
a living set of lines to
re-invent the hidden specters-
my loyalty remains with you-
black hooded she
and you-
white clad father
in your shapes i shall build my vessels
from your lips
my words spring upward.
and never again shall
i defile my own essence for
earthly pleasures
prison cell.
I stand in the line
of remembrance
holding my ticket.

to she who beckons me

Yawning from deep slumber
I awake
in utter pleasure
aware of her presence
heart beats loudly, pulse quickens in anticipation.
Eyes rise to
Greet her glowing tower
A vast infinitely expanding
helix who’s shimmering walls
sing the melodies that soothe all beings.
“come rest beneath my wings”
I crawl to the base of her mountain,
by this
immaculate re-conception of source essence.
careful not to look away
in fear of missing the sound of her voice,
knowing all senses are tuned to the blessings
of her laughters caressing.
how can one sing so beautifully?
the soothing quality is beyond me
body jolts with transcendent tantric quiver
eyes transfixed on her body that has now shifted
into shape of phoenix
showering translucent feathers in billions of ever changing rainbow patters,
each becomes a pin-point that pierces my flesh
and expands within me
body disappears then reappears, so fast it slips between the dimensions,
eyes roll back into head as body is lifted
her multitudes of ever caressing arms
as light nodes
restructure and mend insides
re-creating I as I am known,
eyes stream
tears of renewal
body undulating
mouth opens
and tongues tastes
sweet nectar
a smile so deep
involuntarily greats my lips
sending silent deep rolling laughter
into all matter
I wind my way
to her
radiant face,
my eyes now open
as if for the first time,
yet the sweetness in her
eyes remind me
that I’ve never before
because I’ve never died
“no trying”
she whispers,
again i shiver
pleasure like i’ve never known
the flip side of the pain I felt
at birth is revealed
and i taste the sweetness of her melody upon my lips
again her body shifts,
a face so flawless,
i see my reflection in her eyes
and my own tears
dance wildly from my face
each creating its own frequency
that sings and blends
in perfect harmony
with her growing voice
“where are you taking me?”
she says soothingly without using words,
“you are already here,
you are home.
and I am here with you,
I rest inside your cave,
beneath the floor boards of your mansion,
deep beneath the surface of
who you are
I pull you in
when you are worn
I bask you in the glory of my light,
I soak you for timeless days
in my pool of renewing nectar
we are inseparable.
and although you seem to forget,
it is with great pleasure
that I keep reminding you.”
tears of remembrance stream
from my cheeks,
“thank you”
“I will keep remembering, I will
drink your words with delicate
and awe filled lips, every time”
I will be in love with your voice

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