burningman post about seamonster & upcoming events

dragonboy will be bringing the creative spark of the city of the dragon empress to next saturdays chico earth dance
“This was posted on the burning man website in a conversation about why burningman sucks now”
I’ve posted a picture of “THULE”, the “dog” who is actually a wolf who seamonster almost died for.
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Only been once in ’10 but it is interesting to talk to vets and newbies alike and hear the different perspectives on growth. Evolution is important for people as well as events like BM and it’s always gonna change, i.e. evolve. It may be not exactly what you would like it to be or what it’s been, but rest assured it is exactly what the collective mass of burners make it. We are getting older while virgins get younger. Culture in both the default and playa world is changing, and there is no stopping it. Sure you can do things like what Paul Addis did, and he payed a hefty price, and that was HIS burn. In my opinion, costume elitism is obnoxious, some people just have never been into the whole “appearance” thing. I like the ideas I’ve seen and read about baiting bike thieves, accosting blatent moopers, and generally fucking with the obvious spectators. I see this kind of stuff as creating a new angle. Hell one of my first experiences out there was a beautiful nude woman named SeaMonster (sp?) in hysterics about a man driving a water truck driving too fast and killing her “Dog”. (one of her many animals in her campsite, probably thrown out in front of the truck) Well, a crowd started to form and we all followed her lead. The driver was getting visibly upset and just wanting to continue his work day, while some men were blocking his path and matching his bravado then some. Out of no where some people started medical care on the “Dog” (a stuffed horse), others were arguing with the man demanding he take the “dog” to medical. Wanting in on the action, but also attempting to diffuse a rapidly escalating situation, I pulled up to his window and demanded his license and registration. SeaMonster could have been killed because she layed down in the road in front him out of his line of site, tears running down her face, saying “Just kill me! End it all!” He started to drive and I came very close to having to act fast in making him stop. I’ve run off on a tangent here but my point is, that was performance art. That was serious too. That was a scene that I think didn’t “suck” and could only happen at burning man. But, who knows what the future will bring? Even some of the original burners sell stuff under the radar, and some of the newbies come correct too. I think the important thing is to have an open mind and heart, at least once you pass thru the gate. Hopefully it lasts a year.
“what if one of these times the man says f it and decides to burn us?”
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