Reading group + a poem

The reading group is going good. After a slow start we finally got everybody here at the temple last night and read the introduction and first coupla chapters. Ruiz starts off with sort of a different take on the adam and eve story. Compares the tree of knowledge to that voice in our head wich allows us to believe the voice in our head as the truth rather than believing in the tree of life which has little to do with what we “think” we know and more to do with the perfect cycle of life (God’s creation).
He’s going into his own personal life, his relationship with his grandfather in the second chapter which is really cool for me because i’ve always been fascinated with how his shift back to the toltec occured (from a near death/life experience). anyways, really cool stuff if you get a chance to read it, i highly recommend the book The Way of Knowledge by Don Miquel Ruiz.
here’s a poem i wrote.
the sad quiet boy
sits in the back
afraid of the noise
that comes from his mouth
afraid of the waves
his thoughts might make
is there a place for soul
in this play?
is there a way to love
with no waves?
the cave mouth widens
their mindless banter
becomes that chatter
that leads to hope
in the heart of
the here-after
each tear seers
as it leaves the lid
cheek skin red
and tender
holding the pain gripped hand
he had failed to remember
she eats her andes after dinner mint
HE stomps by
back and forth
forth and back
what light animates these
smiling talking faces?
one with the mullet who
is befudled by choices
the other who’s eyes
and gestures make me

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