aunt jackies birthday inaguration and more!

To Aunt Jackie
She tips the scales of retirement,
with her
priceless bouts of panty ho propaganda jargon,
an endless maze
a miasma of Mythos light soft drinks,
a ne-misses… a neo-miss tress
sent to inspire the placated masses,
she? no
oh no,
hips swinging encouragement to every damn-cell in distress
her path
a prophecy, of dreams to come
lip sinking the name of perfection
atop the bar stool of destiny
this one.
like a battery,
she mixes barley pops to shakes Mgee
down wind of the pig farm,
doin the stomp
trompin through fields of gyrating forget-me-nots
tree friendly, eco friendly, animal loving, neighbor hugging,
dream boat tempting, pencil packing, lap dog petting,
done with breakfast by 10 am, white toothed, fuzzy toed
nomad of
aunt jackie
the name echoes through the secret halls of every heart
aunt jackie:::
with love always on your 101 birthday,
sincerely your nephew,
EweGun WordSpinner
dandikins for auntie
(a poem prepared for aunt jackie by Tatsuko the samurai penguin)
squishes the moisture until it pops
and bubble man eats the sunbeam fairys
bestfriend snowman,
it’s white
and strange.
the end.
bizzare bazar

port townsend