i’m “off” work for a bit

i’ve got the month of february off from my graphic design job as chico state.
i’m putting up a show at the naked lounge tonight, go check it out if you get a chance.
I’v been working on a big piece for it all day. I’m going to go meet with my music professor to see what kind of stuff i need to get my keyboard and 808 to play with my computer.
i’ve included a couple of images, the first one( above) is an assemblage piece my friend bill gave me for my birthday (feb 6). It’s of the Greenman, it actually came at a very important time as my dreams were getting really scary.
the picture below is of a bird and some collage materials which is what i was working on this morning.
many blessings,

7 thoughts on “i’m “off” work for a bit

  1. Dave, We had so much fun hangin’ with you on your last day of 29! I so excited Nyomi gets to see you. Mom got some great video of our day! I love you so much and hope your next 30 years will be as amazing as the last. HAPPY B-DAY little bro! LOVE YOU, from Oman,LIz, Nyomi & Tai XOXOXOXO
    P.S. The Naked Lounge show ROCKS!

  2. “…Oye the day’s i knew ye’. . . tha’ grinnin’ spudlet on the run
    an’ by the froggy pond ye’ bounced upon mum’s knee fer fun
    an’ now by differant gate we lift a flagon full o’ rum
    in ‘earty blessin’s here upon 30 laps aroun’ the sun!”
    Happy birthday Davey boy… an’ blessin’s on yet many laps more!
    – charlie o. / “butchie”
    C.W. Butch Olmstead
    Visit Butchie Boys Doo-Wop Diner!
    Tune in to Butchie’s show at:

  3. Hey Dave-A very happy Birthday to you!! I can’t believe you are 30. How did that happen??
    I know I don’t see you often, but the love is definately there. I am very, very proud of the man you have become-keep up the Art work!
    You amaze me-Much love, Aunt Cindy

  4. Are you really 30?? Happy Birthday David!! I love your new blog! And I love you and miss you and I hope, or rather I know, that this next year will continue to bring you more love, happiness and balance. You are extra-ordinary. Come visit me in SF!!

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