The Future of the WORD


the room for resting held him

chest up eyes closed

completely relaxed

the dark chamber inside the tree

each empty heart incrementally filled with red digital vitality

EVERYTHING is filled with electric digital  fire…

trails, chemical or not, all lead back to this truth

how do YOU plan to channel all of it?

there is a vision, so perfect, as to be the tester

of all other visions.


how then to stand and remember amongst those who long to forget?

they once knew the meaning of the WORD warrior

the action spoke with the heart of the speaker

the dream never escaped, for memory was perceived directly

as you are seeing me, so was it seen.

with careful precise motions you may capture what has been lost

her sword is the one we must now hold.

his gauntlet lay broken, frail, stained, but not forgotten.

a story, his story.

hers is the power that wears no mask

as naked as the way you came.

hers comes of sheer necessity

 hers is a power which the big weak men use

to veil their evil ways

but they will fall,

for this crime, her  penalty pulls all into her maw.

one day her gown will turn inside out

all will squirm and flail, as an earth worm torn from the soil.

will you climb out of the sky cave?

emerge from your holy digital shackle?

to face what’s next

will you channel ALL OF IT?

here we will meet

time without end

W O R D.