I’m off to Mexico with my dear friend Emily to check out pyramids, art, blue water, jungle etc, etc, etc…
I’ll be posting pictures & adventure updates when I return.
In Love and Light Always,
dragonboy 56

Welcome hOME

STEPPING STAIRS for charioteers
beyond the minds belief.
this tale is only told
in the dialects of WIDE
She who’s voice
sings wildly through innocent action.
a dancing monkey to incite
divine turbulence in temple walls
to ignite divine thunder within
a brilliant green firestorm, to envelope
consume, renew
and re-activate
that which was the norm.
miracle makers shake ancient
white dust from skycaves crimson caverns,
the little one smiles
and you know
the little one speaks
and there are NONE
who do not PAUSE
The tale played out like this.
restrictions didn’t suit the loving suitors, so like a butterfly she grew wings and fluttered to the skycave, all stared in gestures of amazing grace to trace with inner eyes the pattern of this awakening flight. inner eyes knew truth as elephant trunks unwound from icy heaven to the boiling ground. incessant are the whispers and the smallest insects glitter until all is created only in full awareness of the unfathomable gifts of this “BREATHING”
each breath a tidal welling and crest of lucid remembrance
the ending
contained within
the beginning.
welcome hOME.

what is the use of words if not to unite to bee-love-ids?

don’t save
don’t stay too long
don’t pray for waves that will never crash
don’t push signs out of sight until road dead ends
don’t stand without energetic synthesis
without divine kisses
tendrils touching each buzzing instinct that is I.
play the tape backwards to thwart on-lookers
looking through stained glass eyes as big
as Military Might
we might capture each other
for an instant
beyond words like MEN fishing
only excuses to eat donuts and chew coppenhagen
how often you trick your own mind into turbulence
how brave to challenge your own cherished tongue
to taste the tales that tell no lies
until breath becomes sour
and vile
dancing villains unify to concrete your feet in oversized boots
but brave hearts beat wildly when submerged and put to the test
bright eyes smile kindly when minds find the time
too tempting and traversing white peaks to merge endlessely
purple crows ask
what is the use of words if not to unite to bee-love-ids?

The price of freedom smiles at your power tie

The price of freedom smiles at your power tie
at the half built houses you call salvation
13 hungry monkeys won’t stop haunting me.
driven to the brink of extinction
then finally
let free.
to taste the inevitable death
of us
to seize the reigns of realization
and thrust my invisible momentary manhood
into a stream of uncertain glances
to cry freely
as dark green streams, winding their way
from his highest peaks
to her deepest depths
this is remembering
this takes direct experience
the only way to liberation
the only way to say yes, or no
to a vessel that constantly questions.
in places of light
we roam, shadows remind from where we’ve come
your eyes last forever,
those houses will fall.
He’s got an Iron Horse
and a puppy
on a leash, “sit, sit”
he pushes on his backside
to gain compliance.
this dark green rectangular shape is your body
the extra large wingless mosquitos are your thoughts
look how they dance
look at the way you fidget
in an idea
that your time is wasted
look at how many branches create
the contrasting tendrils
at the brink of your focusing vision.
my heart
is a capsizing ship.
but fear is thwarted
as i shape shift into a submarine.
I can see everything through my pera-scope
it’s night and day
out there
but it remains constantly
in-between down hear
i cannot tell the difference between
breakfast and dinner.
am i eating sauerkraut or straw soaked in horse urine?
my tears are filtered through black
plastic eyelashes
in order not to poison the 12 spiders
who have become my immediate family.
I smile at the thought of closure, but know
my thoughts will never end.
there are no periods at the end
of this, life sentence.
no time markers delineating
a mind, whos breadth breeds
the markers within each split second
within each eternal tick of elevating consciousness.
I’m supposed to do stuff, you know, get bigger and stronger,
make things for other people to get bigger and stronger with.
how can i rest in a pond who’s blackness frightens me to death.
or is my point becoming dulled by my own lack of faith in a historical attempt
to create a futile existence.
breathing in…
breathing out…
what happens in-between is this
eyes meeting to create an enormous monkey the size of skyscrapers sculpted from violet candle wax. we inject our hard needle like wicks into every inch of his shining skin then light, as stars begin to shimmer and darkening blue sky becomes black. the masses gather, joining hands, flicker flame lights reflect in a billion crying eyes. your heart flashes red and black like the hand warning of the danger of heavy metal speeding imminent death.
are the lights marking passages
in and out of the tube like channels
of our reality
as homeless bearded men smile.
in times of tragedy
you hold me
like my mother used to do
in infancy
cradling away my fear
like rain to filth
on your living body.
my responses are instantaneous
and as fleeting as the four pigeons
that dive out of sight.
these words are not boundaries
our hearts are cactuses,
filled with water, longing for water,
yet surviving on what we already have,
your eyes are like olives
and sometimes dirty.