My dear friend Amaera put together an “arial dance” piece out in the fields near chico on these silos.
I had the honor of filming her from the top of the silo she was on. I took place at sunrise last saturday. VERY AMAZING. There’ll be a video documenting the project in the future.


for a note
of grace, to come
tickle the tip of my tongue.
To remember
the all consuming flame
that burns,
and i
don’t want
to die
with these things undone.
i ask the states
of grace and shame that impress the soul
to come forward
and i ask for the strength to stand in the all
consuming fire.
i ask for the strength of the divine creator,
i ask for the warriors eyes
the hawks prowess
the blade of the samurai.
i bring forth the light of a million souls
all marching to the divine drumbeat
all chanting with the cosmic breath of the all-mighty
each creative quest
a line
the web of transcendence
from shore to shore
mountain top to mountain top
we greet thee, our loving mother
we kneel to kiss your lap
wallowing in the dust of our own making,
your dark hot molten blood
rejoins us in our dance
channeling through our own veins.
we beckon the darkness of
each and every life
to throw into the all consuming fire.
in each light creature
allow the eyes of life to open
through transmutating portals
of ancient connecting lines
allow I
to become the light
and the light
to become I.

My Friend Lance is going to New Orleans and is having a benefit

Hello Everyone,
So I’ve decided to spend the months of August and September helping Common Ground Relief down in New Orleans ( It is estimated that over 275,000 housing units were destroyed, and many of these haven’t had any work done to them. Many of the people who owned these homes do not have any money to stay in hotel while they rebuild their homes. Red Cross has stopped providing adequate shelter for any new people who are trying to return home. 3 quarters of a million people were displaced by the hurricane and still cannot return home. The only hope for these people is to have their homes rebuilt by others.
A carpenter by trade, I feel that I have a lot to offer Common Ground. I’m not the only one going either; Nicole Bricker is going to be going with three of her students from her 8th grade class as well. Together, along with my mother, Mariah, we have organized a benefit dinner and concert to raise money for the five of us to go. The Newman Catholic Community Center is hosting a Louisiana Blues & BBQ benefit dinner and concert on Saturday, June 3rd from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm to raise funds to send volunteers to work for Common Ground Relief in New Orleans. The center, located at the corners of Third and Cherry streets in Chico, has generously donated the use of the community hall and pool. Volunteers will be serving up a gourmet Creole spread: Louisiana style BBQ, Cajun black beans, garden fresh vegetables and delectable desserts. New Orleans’ Blues artist, Smoky Brown, and his band Switchback will be playing, so bring your dancing shoes. A certified lifeguard will be at the poolside to supervise guests who want to go for a swim, so be sure and bring a towel. Ticket stubs will be entered into a raffle for the grand prize weekend getaway to a private cabin at Buck’s Lake. Advance tickets are on sale for $20 at Zucchini & Vine and Music Connection. Adult tickets are $22 at the door. Kids under twelve are $10, and kids under five are free. Volunteers are guaranteed a free ticket, a chance at the grand prize and a good time! Those interested in volunteering before, during, and after the event are encouraged to contact the event coordinator, Mariah Cochrane, at 343-1128. For tickets call Mariah, or you can call me, Lance at 230 7423, or email me at
I’ve included the poster for the event, the PSA and the press release. Please spread them around! If you’d like to help sell tickets or get supplies donated give me a call, 230-7423
Thank you all so much for your support,
¬Lance Cochrane

headed down to Santa Cruz this weekend to hang out with fam, going to my aunt’s wedding shower and also checking out this event SOULAR ECLIPSE .
Weston and the living alliance of love is Also playing in San Francisco at SF arts fest on Saturday.
enjoying the warmth
off to dreamland
love and blessings,


It all came rushing back.
The girl with blond hair, laying in the grass in front of the high wire circus, the man who rolled into me causing me to roll into her
Her smile at my apology
The $15 dollar ticket to get into the car audio whare-house
That turned into a giant store, where I complimented her dress and the woman in line was slightly perplexed by my androgony and the light talk that the young dreamers danced around.
The start came with a re-commital to dissecting the life force with clarity. And remembrance on this temporal plane.
The necessity for pure energy to flow forth. All power sources must be free of debris.
It was 7.15.2005.
Equaling 29- my age at the time. There had been fear of death mostly caused by the use of drugs and abuse of the body.
She was in my dreams too. Starr. Her appetite for love in the dream world was delicious and much different than the girl I once knew, she had something to give me. What was it?

38 days left

a new music link : click on the ghetto blaster when you get there- REALLY COOL SHTUFF
38 days left,
before the wave would crest
and crash
the tidal bliss was distant,
yet internally met
in the momentary lapse into half dream space I shape shift and taste
and give this light that pierces through layer upon layer
sould deep
to the core of each being
watching as they laugh, cry, fidget and scream.
reactions dependent on internal access to unconditional crystal storehouse,
a place I quietly long for you to taste
the tall tale growing taller by the instant
immaculately conceiving the superhero perception-each guiding light answering
the reactionary questions
I offer THIS
simple suggestion
listen as the chrimson child teaches.
sitting in the minds eye
offering white light to dispel all demons
manifesting elemental beings
who bring the power of each season
a corresponding space within the dreaming body
a million ways to dance
and play
without the hesitation brought by fears gestation
as creation creates and
awakening the masses
from a mind numbing slumber
you enter the place where all are deemed worthy
a place only two can create-infinite states of awakening
two angels kissing and caressing
like rivers merging
the touching
triggers the deepest pleasures
whos eyes have been shut
simple suggestion
as mouth opens
to reveal the cosmic chorus
lighting eyes, ears and solar senses
to retrieve dead-end left overs
ancestors cheering and standing on shoulders
this bliss
could be too much
but vessels are tuned
cleared and prepared
for the divine touch,
the tantric brainwave bliss
the magical etheric elixer
that mixes with sacred breath
eclipsing any ounce of fear
appearing in the mirror
beckoning you closer
her ghostlike essence
a perfect reflection
of what you could be,
what you should be
the state your solar angel
longs for you to
such grace
such a perfect day
for crashing waves
and dreaming destiny

love poem

the feline was exquisite
and dangerous
she bound my heart into bones so frail
I could hear them creak
I left
to escape and slipped
on my own heart which had fallen
on the floor barring any exit.
she said it wasn’t complex
but I begged to differ
as her angel, in front of my eyes shifted
I sank into the floor and I myself became
the shifter
with conscious effort
the dreamless sleep turned to splendour.
turning into the tower
a beacon
my tiny arms antanae
I sent forth the tune
that played in the
hearts of the ones
whos bright eyes
shown forth the light
and darkness descended
through deep pupil like caverns
the breath of the little ones
mutated and changed them
each ear turned upward and up through
the floor boards came
and earth crackling soul shattering
banter which seared the flesh
but showed the path clearly
like telescopic lenses
for the first time penetrating
to the core of the mother
I resting my tired bones to slumber
and wake
and wake
and the cycle re-using my verses
to dream again-WHAT-
in the previous lifetime I had cursed
the joy re-envisioned through cage like structures
that leave me with only one motion
on ward
and up ward
through stormy skys and raindrops
of emotions the torrents are my sisters
my eyelids are frozen
peeled back
to see what truly lay beneath
each single thought
a thread
that winds its way through the
islands of my endless oceans
clever pundits that transmit
the tales of a million mutants
but that station was ended
cause people complained
they couldn’t follow the line of the story
unable to open the mind and uncategorize
the categories
but fare well
not without thee
not withought the reflection
a perfect mirror to taste the
as our most magnificent tall tale becomes clearer and clearer
you the one I long
to hear as my ears are turned
into antennae that pick up each slight tremble
that tickles your throat
and vibrates my lobes like a symbol
I willnot lose site of the spirit that moves you
leaping over the puddle we crash
into a beautifly mutating muddle
a slumber that
to unspecific for certainty
but regarless it is I
longing for you
and you for me.

dakini pics and a poem

pics of me and dakini rehersing for DREAM TIME AWAKENED at the 24th digital be in at somaarts.
the young man struggled to push the accursed numbers into his already filled brain.
he passed the paper to me, hesitantly, after an exhausted pause.
his re-entry into the planetary state of flux would have little to do with these figures
the dark green eyes of the raptor forcing these problems intantly into past tense,
a kiddie pool for disaster
the blueprints for mastery
page by page
in the form of subtle transmission and transmutation of matter
the computation falling sourly to the floor upon inspection,
yet how else to fly in the eyes of the knowledge bringing memes
pushing the agenda to bring the human mind to the brink
then surrender.
into the ether of her never ending education of evolution.
the body falling happily by the way side.
i would stand with my feet in the floor
wading through the shifting tides of her starlight eyes.
then he,
with the perfectly angled lips
would smile
and the slight curves
sending dilectible shivers
to my center
to die in the arms of
beloved, or the other,
or any for that matter,
watching as the breath leaves the body,
air sticking sweetly,
then leaving
to mix perfectly with all air,
perception redeaming what had seemed
an endless progression of instants,
yet the mind’s eye brings forth the spinning circle
a cause to celebrate her cerebral shape shifting nature,
through shadows cast by trees that never leave the being
once shown the core for galactic travel
the key
she kept whispering, is both high and low
heat that would sear the flesh
is quelled
by deep
cousing liquid.
the elixer of source veins
a simple yet perfect mixture
feeding each dream sequence.
so inevitably
i would listen, and find the power place,
where feet sink into dark chocolate flesh
liquid swimming around trunk like legs.
arms extending to reach the burning sky
skin dancing from surface to merge
with hers
in an instant
the focus is felt and channels pulse
to the core of her sphere
and up into the sky cave
forming the web of our endless fluxuation.
this is remembrance
she silently insists as she gently kisses both lids to
awaken what lay beneath.