performace pics

here’s the photos from the voom voom variety show performance, i’ve included the script at the end of this entry. XO

seamonster reads:
whomever receives the band weilds the paddle
In this ritual, shots will be fired. It is asked that whomever receives the bands from the dragon’s gun, enter the stage and pay respects to the higher members of our congregation, by paddeling the behind of the dragon 3 times. If this recipient of said band feels unqualified or unfit to carry out the ritual, it is asked that the recipient pass the obligation to one who is willing.
Mazal tov
Generally defined as good fortune or good luck. the term has become a popular synonym for “congratulations!” Some people pronounce it “mazl tof.
Actually, “mazal” in Biblical and Talmudic times meant a planet or constellation of the zodiac. Ancient belief held that the positions of stars and planets had special powers over us. This is a feeling still maintained by those who practice astrology. The term “mazal,” therefore, acquired the connotation of fate or fortune. “Mazal tov” thus literally meant, “may you stand under a good constellation.”
cenote (see-no-teh)
Noun 1. a deep natural well or sinkhole, especially in Central America, formed by the collapse of surface limestone that exposes ground water underneath, and sometimes used by the ancient Mayans for sacrificial offerings.
dragonboy begins:
to stand between 2 worlds
unceasingly grasping for the living glue that adheres the inner and outer tragedies.
An honoring of one who has ceased to be, who has died and one who is born.
2 allies
one who hath been slain by a hollow hearted chariotier
at the festival of the man that burns, roadkill on 4:25 and K
a so called burner who crushed, before the whailing crys, and somewhat because of, the whailing cries of mine beloved monster of the sea, naked and whisky eyed,
walking across, the street with our man, or rather wolf.
crush him he did, an not only this but torched
with a flame our heros remains.
mazaltov! mazaltov! mazaltov!
– one shot fired in honor of mine beloved effogy, of our heavenly canine king,
– one shot fired for he who holds his keep in the northernmost tip of the northernmost peak!
ein, zwei, drei thule!
and so, with sadness of heart
I have walked, memories of childrens hands, of my own hands
carressing the shaggy and luscious main of mine wolf god friend.
And as this loss hath run its course through mine trembling heart
just, as the state of sorrow hath washed mine body, and cleansed mine soul
a beast before me appeareth.
unexpectedly, in a haste was I, 3 ticks of the clock before the bazaar would close its doors,
and there before me the image and the words like thunder
like a babe, in a manger, he appears, a twin brother of the dearly departed.
supposedly a childs plaything.
like thule, possessing an innocent air, only masking the indomitable depth of his cosmic kung fu.
and so, as the intergalactic agent of change dragon ring leader that i am
I present to you
from the deepest cenote, in the densest deepest depths of the under ground jungles of the south pole,
The oldest and the original source of earthly moisture on this here spherical muddy light ship,
he whos kung fu style is so old, it is the source of all kung fu styles,
I present to you
– one shot fired to seal, in ceremonial magic, the immaculate rebirth of a supposed tragic death.
– one shot fired for the new and oldest member of our dragon family!
ein, zwei, drei. aqua azul!
and so it is
all ye gathered here, you who have beared witness to and ushered in the birth of a king who’s been, since the begining, I bow to you
and so it is we rise in life, in love, in eternal prostration
to the glue that binds us all!
mazaltov! mazaltov! mazaltov!
music up

upcoming shows Im part of

Ill be doing a performance for the voom voom, and i’m making these crazy cool royal aquarian court collars, come buy one from me, you wont regret it!
i love you x

A letter to my innermost

sidewalk plant

She dresses herself in the dawning doorways you must enter
She beams brilliance from the center of your being.
and then me, in the middle, afraid of, but NEEDING to articulate the truth of her being
in-separate from my being
in-separate from all beings
Heart pounding the rhythm of remembrance
growing deep and wide
as her rivers
as her ocean
day dreaming of the earth bound vessel that is I
prostrating myself before the celestial court
dancing ecstatically to the magistrates of eternity.
YOU are the one
the being of my being
the one who transfers this light into me.

love is an avalanche

Love is an avalanche
love is the tempting voice to conquer
to cherish
to let go
to die.
to be born again amidst the current material
fluctuation of to and fro
this modern man
this modern circumstantial prescription
for taming animal temptations.
love is desire
at its essence
i know because these eyes
have drawn you here
before my own divine shadowy sphere portals,
the ones that reveal
without judgment the knowing reason for life
for love
because the two cannot be separated,
where there is separation there is no reason
where there is no reason, there is no being
where there is no being life and love do not exist.
therefore choose to sit
choose to listen
choose to find reason
unravel the strands of life
to find love.
your story is tall
its a tale i believe in
because here you stand
an all mighty effigy,
the reason for being.

Chico EARTH DANCE images

By order of the king (speaking on behalf of our ruler, the dragon empress):
Daily work trades are to occur only when desired or absolutely neccesary,
and are secondary to the declaration of gathering for the sake of
celebrating eachother and the miraculous state of life in general.
Here on the stage of “The Children of the Dragon Empress Castle”, (the heart of
the kingdom) all are asked to share their voice, body, mind, opening to the inner muse,
whomever, whatever that may be. HERE all are bards, minstrels,
muses, players, and HERE, there are no dead lines.

2 meals a day

2 meals a day.
Bread, water.
8 banners to wave
3 eyes to watch
A whole heart, to listen.
Walking up spiral stairs, to know, in the end, this is all I need, your eyes, your bony fingers, the smell of your sweat, right around the place where your hair meets your neck.
There is comfort in your quivering voice, the way your tone vibrates my emotional body into a state of questioning, this is proof, that god exists, everytime a teardrop falls, every time my mind decides yes, or no, a fresh batch of scriptures.
Years and years and years they spend, trying to decipher that which exists here and now, that which gives birth to and lays waste to all myths, that which dethrones kings, which smiles and lovingly beckons the kiss of death, that which gives birth to time then eats it’s own tail.
2 meals a day
Bread, water.
8 banners to wave
3 eyes to watch
A whole heart, to listen.

can’t we all just get along?

As uncomfortably LOUD
and unconscious the yelling.
as insensitive to the grander implications of their actions,
I must trust
that the story of each I
will bring each one closer and closer to me.
and each I that asks
what is the nature of this carnal funhouse?
can there be an end to the fulfilling of these desires for pleasure?
will eventually find the answer in the REALITY of this.
each time you tempt the tall tale teller
to spew forth ejaculatory laughter there will be.
and so it is.
but bricks fall for every seed lost
and trampling beneath horses for each voluntary insult
and twisting of hearts into knots beyond fathom.
the great divide grows thinner as actions spring from wells
eternal and full of the liquid light that creates all expressions.
In other words: always realize that you would not be
were it not for your mother and her immaculate ability to
create life.
becoming her son your eyes spring into action
your thoughts spring into action
the light allies that swarm around your every action
delight in your wielding of this incomprehensibly grand
act of creation,
how to taste and offer this flavor at once,
the answer
in the middle perceiving the gift, giver and receiver
crying over the pools of tears and blood
honoring the inevitable rights of passage
the lawful fulfilling of all action,
you become the queen, the king, the prince and the princess.
never an unsanctified action.
putting on the jet black hair of the publisher
you grin for no apparent reason at all
and yet I know, I see it,
providing the tales
of truth that mark these passages of human time.
seeing the importance of each bottle thrown
each hand offered
each act as a representative of the actor
a gift, a glimpse, the hidden truth underneath the revealed.
a life.

the truth that all life is interconnected

“You exist, as we have said on numerous occasions, in multiple timelines and probabilities simultaneously. One of the timelines you and humanity are living in at this moment is a fulfilling of the prophecies of doom and planetary destruction. This is a very real timeline. But, this is only one possible timeline. You are at a convergence point, a time node, where it is possible to jump from the doomsday probabilities into a new type of Earth and a new order of existence.
This timeline, which we call the New Earth, is a very different dimension of experience than your current reality. In this timeline, Earth is deeply honored and held in gratitude by the bulk of humanity, which understands and appreciates the truth that all life is interconnected.”
the above quote was extracted from an article by Tom Kenyon, please read the entire message here on his website.

e.akimojos and the mancubs “reading”

he’s inspired by the animals that hang from the walls
she’s inspired by:
“i guess like people, the act of bringing things together to make new things
i think one of the coolest things about being a person is the ability to make things,
whether it’s a structure or a social force
making is a way to get in the mode of contributing to this,
it’s something that your just as much a part of making, it’s fun.”
she’s been changing a lot,
and will go to Germany in just under 2 months
the tall one in black carries his white helmet to the door,
she questions the size of a space 7 meters squared,
ample living space for an exchanged artist?
she and he have a similar way of talking,
is it astrological?
many people in Chico drink "almond shakes"
her hair bow is very colorful.
he longs to unite pleasure and pain
creation with destruction
to stand in a deep pool of red syrup and cry
gallons of blue tears.
and the ability to strike oneself down
he draws the 7 of pentacles:
evaluating the status
reflecting on progress to date
reviewing what's been done
pausing to check results
making sure you're on course
finding out where you stand
taking stock
reaping a reward
finally seeing some results
enjoying the first fruits
getting returns on investments
receiving payoffs
being able to let up a bit
reaching a milestone

Chun Sa means angel in Korean

A new friend Brian visited the temple recently and told me that the street adress of the heart temple (1004) means angel or “chun sa” in Korean.
a morning prayer poem:
everyday she pulls her thick
undulating luminescent body
from the dark depths of her own shadow.
everyday he awakens her with kisses
with a new reason to live
an offering of light.
this she delights in
her flying friends shreek
in ceremony
impressed by what she’s become.