begining again

he retraced his steps back to infinity
imagine the scene.
carefully carved niches in the side
of a sandstone mansion
no “mistakes” were ever made
mother would always erase that which was created
a simple profound truth.
one that would liberate the willing.
where would the eyes meet?
in the midst of the “other”
one can see the inevitablility of love in action,
for dreams cannot exist without the “other”.
as each is awakened the imprint of I
is burned and becomes foremost
on the path
here’s a cool talk i was listening to this morning

waking up

shaking dust from the body
light leaves spiral and smile as gorilla teeth show to the sun
escaped the death of spiders bite in sleep now angels applaude the risen
whos stamen shall shake in the dreamers vision today
whos grace shall enter the train of the coming to be
coming to light the remembering call
the ageless wisdom
courses in the lifetimes of countless halls
there beckons the infinite angel
who’s body breaths through us all
no doubt in heart i’ve seen her face before
and endless struggles shrouded soul has staked
in reaching her awaiting arms
deaming the street car worthy
the man in black pushes the power forward
i climb to the front only to feel the moment move backward
in the middle she whispers
up and out
i see its course continue
i am the dreamer
i am the final venue

listening to 80s music and designing vagina poster

man i used to hate 80’s music, i think there was some negative emotional attatchment there, that i’ve now worked through. i’ve been working SOOO much lately, it’s crazy. UGGGH. but it’s pretty cool too though cause i get next month off. I took a screen capture of my screen to show you my progress and one of these designs won’t get used so you see it before it comes out and also what coulda been. lots of work in photoshop, the sun’s been out for the last few days yeah! k, gunna try the html thingy to put this image on here.


ughh. I’ve been working on this logo for Instructional Technology Strategic plan and it’s been really tuff. I can’t complain though cause it’s challenging and that’s always fun and rewarding. I start my first music class on Thursday and i’m pretty jazzed about that (pun intended).
One of my bestest friends in the world and mentors Ryan came back to chico to visit from Japan where he’s been teaching. He brought me a print of one of my favorite photos of his. He’s actually been shooting A lot of photos. I’m going to try and attach an image of the photo he printed for me using my minimal html skills.

hanging crux show at grilla bites

Christine, weston and i are going to hang a crux art show at grilla bites in downtown chico right now. If you can you should swing by and check it out. Maybe I’ll try and get christine to shoot it on location since she’s all jazzed on her new digital camera. I took Maia for a walk this morning and she got to play with this other dog called JoJo, he was a burly pup.
the dragonchild

the moment

blessed words from a dear sista—inspired by a music making get away in Jamaica.
There is a moment when I lift my hands up to the sky
and the cat whisphers
as the chickens wander outside of metal gates
the sea awaits
as I venture
to the place of inspiration
in every breathe
every inch of tree I find me
arriving with each breathe
Seeing me in you and you in me
The bliss is today
the paths in which all children journey
to the depths of the imagination
We find the space next to our heart that opens and reopens
The birds guide me for we are both flying.

A Poem for a friend

The drives of piles
pile higher and higher
tipping the scales to fall to the sky
a dreaming place where invisible fields are painted
with the skin of your lightbody
trick not the monkey that squats at your doorstep
tripping you each time you leave the home
instead walk with his power in your hands
pull the power from the 2nd into the hands
and as the spiral point comes to the surface
sending that which is thirsted for into the masses
as brainwashing towers fall all monkeys will run wild
tearing down the laws of mans lower nature as the
higher brings the song that all souls long to sing
inspired by magnus 0, yet ever remaining a gift to all

this thing is coming along

to Mr. Stillman.
So… It’s the 5th of January 2006.
it’s been a great year so far.
i listened to this talk on The university of the 7 ray site last night.
this guy was talking about being ashamed to be a human or a modern human and even more specifically an american, which i do feel to a great deal. BUT he was saying that he got a message from spirit that the soul of america needs love. It doesn’t need me to be ashamed or feel guilt for all the messed up stuff that goes on. So I’ve shifted into loving this place because that what it needs.
there was actually a lot of pretty cool things said.
my site is coming a long i AM so excited and thankful.
much love