your life is your souls food

your life
is your souls food,
she says.
the explicitly deliberate
in which you breed with circumstance
the way we dance.
she says there are no capitol sums in my body
to increase and decrease in velocity, shape, size and so forth.
this is my nature
the way in which I create.
your relationship to this will paint your picture
the tenderness of the structure is determined by your ability to be,
to see past the material needs and re-invest
in what lies
beneath the floor boards of evermore
I lay your foundation
I plant a seed within thee
past the pushing and pulling
and you will find me
beyond the depths of that which inevitably comes next
and you will here me
the fire that burns in minds eye
and you will see me
wide the door
to hearts sacred chamber
and we shall conquer the world
with light.