performace pics

here’s the photos from the voom voom variety show performance, i’ve included the script at the end of this entry. XO

seamonster reads:
whomever receives the band weilds the paddle
In this ritual, shots will be fired. It is asked that whomever receives the bands from the dragon’s gun, enter the stage and pay respects to the higher members of our congregation, by paddeling the behind of the dragon 3 times. If this recipient of said band feels unqualified or unfit to carry out the ritual, it is asked that the recipient pass the obligation to one who is willing.
Mazal tov
Generally defined as good fortune or good luck. the term has become a popular synonym for “congratulations!” Some people pronounce it “mazl tof.
Actually, “mazal” in Biblical and Talmudic times meant a planet or constellation of the zodiac. Ancient belief held that the positions of stars and planets had special powers over us. This is a feeling still maintained by those who practice astrology. The term “mazal,” therefore, acquired the connotation of fate or fortune. “Mazal tov” thus literally meant, “may you stand under a good constellation.”
cenote (see-no-teh)
Noun 1. a deep natural well or sinkhole, especially in Central America, formed by the collapse of surface limestone that exposes ground water underneath, and sometimes used by the ancient Mayans for sacrificial offerings.
dragonboy begins:
to stand between 2 worlds
unceasingly grasping for the living glue that adheres the inner and outer tragedies.
An honoring of one who has ceased to be, who has died and one who is born.
2 allies
one who hath been slain by a hollow hearted chariotier
at the festival of the man that burns, roadkill on 4:25 and K
a so called burner who crushed, before the whailing crys, and somewhat because of, the whailing cries of mine beloved monster of the sea, naked and whisky eyed,
walking across, the street with our man, or rather wolf.
crush him he did, an not only this but torched
with a flame our heros remains.
mazaltov! mazaltov! mazaltov!
– one shot fired in honor of mine beloved effogy, of our heavenly canine king,
– one shot fired for he who holds his keep in the northernmost tip of the northernmost peak!
ein, zwei, drei thule!
and so, with sadness of heart
I have walked, memories of childrens hands, of my own hands
carressing the shaggy and luscious main of mine wolf god friend.
And as this loss hath run its course through mine trembling heart
just, as the state of sorrow hath washed mine body, and cleansed mine soul
a beast before me appeareth.
unexpectedly, in a haste was I, 3 ticks of the clock before the bazaar would close its doors,
and there before me the image and the words like thunder
like a babe, in a manger, he appears, a twin brother of the dearly departed.
supposedly a childs plaything.
like thule, possessing an innocent air, only masking the indomitable depth of his cosmic kung fu.
and so, as the intergalactic agent of change dragon ring leader that i am
I present to you
from the deepest cenote, in the densest deepest depths of the under ground jungles of the south pole,
The oldest and the original source of earthly moisture on this here spherical muddy light ship,
he whos kung fu style is so old, it is the source of all kung fu styles,
I present to you
– one shot fired to seal, in ceremonial magic, the immaculate rebirth of a supposed tragic death.
– one shot fired for the new and oldest member of our dragon family!
ein, zwei, drei. aqua azul!
and so it is
all ye gathered here, you who have beared witness to and ushered in the birth of a king who’s been, since the begining, I bow to you
and so it is we rise in life, in love, in eternal prostration
to the glue that binds us all!
mazaltov! mazaltov! mazaltov!
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upcoming shows Im part of

Ill be doing a performance for the voom voom, and i’m making these crazy cool royal aquarian court collars, come buy one from me, you wont regret it!
i love you x