not sure what that means,
went for a walk with maia,
thought (as i have been alot lately) about the interconnectedness of all things,
like the term consciousness, it seems this word comes close to being the most spiritual of all with no connotation of religion or “spirituality”.
if you are conscious then you are experiencing all that is, and to what degree you are conscious or aware that you ARE this consciousness will determine how you choose to interact with that wich creates itself constantly.
pretty cool, strange stuff, i feel like i’m dreaming a lot lately
remember when “they” would always tell you to stop daydreaming in school. What if they never told you that? i wonder if i stopped subconsciously, if i turned off the daydream at some point.
the weather here in chico is strangely amazing it’s like 70 something and sunny,
i’ve been painting (prepping to paint) my house for the last week, i’m going to take pictures tomorrow so i can show you.
give thanks for our eyes touching eachothers,

One thought on “serendipity

  1. the english army won the war
    powder sugar:
    I built lofty ballons
    full of hot air to guide
    me all the way downstairs, but im
    too late, i missed the bus, so…
    upstairs for a smoke i mean a dream that went
    la la la la la
    that space in between
    harmony continued
    stop, listen to the piano echo in tonal decay, its

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