A New Years POME

The Fuzzy Keepers of your Eternally Blooming Flower Chamber (or A New Years Resolution)


This is the year for the furry friends to take over.

A year for grievences to give way to heavenly carresing infidels

who’s only task is to infuriate wanton attackers into sponateously

combusting funeral pyres.


a year for the keepers of lost secrets to reveal themselves.

for not turning your back on the brimstone and fire that breathes

hot dragons breath up your backside, hollowing out the

cluttered corridors that have been suffocating the white

warriors of yessness.


a year to take the catapult out of the magic bag and load it

with affirmative salutations whith which you lovingly fire at

all of those self reflecting mutations who in years passed

you referred to as enemies.


This is the year to consolidate

like never before!

centuries into decades

into years

into months

into weeks

into days

into hours

into minutes

into right freeking here, right now.

into yod hey vav hey

if  i need it

i can get it.

but not if i leave this throne of listening

this magic space vessel of her eternal remembrance.


This is the year for treating each moment

as the epic battle that it truly is.


This is the year for the fuzzy keepers of your eternally

blooming flower chamber to start purring, and max

keys grapefruit juice to start pouring down hungry throats.


this is the day for the reopening of fireside rooms,

slush puppies, bunk beds, table top dancing, brainwash busting,

down to earth, star cluster, roots leaves and branches,

jenga brick stacking, almond butter, pre and post purposing,

sea lions, hammerheads, narwhals, megaladons, window

crysal rainbow makers, taking rest, making soup, shuffling decks,

downsizing, underwriting, deep sea diving, bookstore saving,

children book reading, shower singing, art making, relay race

with smiling shiny faces, and real bright eyed eye gazing


the year for words to take flight in the new ball courts of your

frontal lobes. a time never before known, where you fall to your

knees, put your father who art in heaven to the floor and

give thanks, for this sweet, sublte and profoundly epic braodcast

which everyone seems to refer to as

your life.

One thought on “A New Years POME

  1. This poem says it all for the year of the dragon, and for every year for that matter. I’ll burn it into my being and let it guide me along paths of ecstasy and quiet fullness. Thanks, dragonboy. –rjb

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