There are only 3 people in the world (that I love)

look gramma, I got a new piercing, can you tell which one it is?

computer art
there are only 3 people in the world that i love
that’s because there are only 3 people in the world
there’s you,
there’s me,
and there’s us,
I’m serious.
I’ve decided to write the lessons my soul teaches me constantly.
I think it’s my soul, if it’s not my soul i’m pretty sure its “the masters”
or the christ, the monad, buddha,
etc etc…
there is this thing that starts to happen when one decides to live consciously
it’s like living the most vibrant revelations.
it is your own bible… the book of ” ________________” <—(your name here).
I've started to notice these themes within the revelations.
the one that's been coming through most recently is the reality described above.
i'm pretty sure it's come about through an effort on my part to cut out as much living in the dictations of mind chatter as possible. Instead of trying to constantly fix things in my mind (which pulls me from the reality that's before me) I've been having the realization that there is only one relationship in the world EVER, you, I, and we. If I am fully aware of these main beings and embrace each with the loving kindness i know is integral to all of creation there is a lot less time spent in needless illusion, plus it feels a lot like being in love ALL THE TIME!


this is the karmic rooster that attacked me and got stuck under a gate.

this was in a courtyard de un sanitario publico in tlaxcala


teotihuacan: temple of the sun


I’m going to be modeling in this fashion show this weekend. It’s going to be absolutely phenomenal, these girls bust out the coolest clothes in the world, I’M NOT JOKING…
If you’ve never been to a “chikoko” Fashion show and also If you’ve never seen me in a “package package” now’s your chance.

poem & ART studio space

how can my breath reach
the ears of one
who does not
l i s t e n ?
how can I see
the face of one
who refuses
to see their own
r e f l e c t i o n ?
all eyes
pollen on the wings of wind…
too small,
larger than they know.
your eyes are larger than the world
larger than all worlds
when they look
through the lenz
of my truth.
in stances of dancing shadows
we inject the moons carressing nectar
on the walls of our beloveds homes.
there are no states
seperate from your growing heart
there are no towers of babylon
no traces of poisonus gas
there is only I
and I am you,
touching the tips of your eyelids
breathing the hurricane breath of my destruction
l i s t e n..
the mantis preays on perfection
and never dies
for lack of food,
nutrients are never lacking
in the light of my bodies bones
the core of our beings

a message from the crux:
Are you looking for a collaborative space to make art and create 24-7?
Consider taking part in The CRUX Artist Collective!
We have a couple of Studio Memberships available for a monthly due of $50 dollars.
For application process or questions please reply to this e-mail or call us directly at 530.566.0176 or 530.519.2533

@ Mediation Tonight

So I received this email from a friend, it looks like the times align perfectly with our meditation time here at the art temple. Bonus Round…
T h e P l a n e t a r y G r i d T r a n s m i s s i o n s
M o n d a y ‘ s N e w M o o n
M a y 5
Sacred Form by Mana
A 24 hour transmission period of New Earth energy
with Unified Meditation
at 3 world times:
Sydney 8 pm, Paris 8 pm, New York 9 pm
Opening to Receive the
Universal Language of Light
with Light Body Activation
C o n n e c t i n g i n t o t h e U n i f i e d F i e l d o f N e w E a r t h C o n s c i o u s n e s s