May the Great Spirit within be realized by all who enter.

Heart Temple

The Heart temple was founded by David Dragonboy Sutherland In the year 2000 at the behest of The Native American Spirits who lived on this land many many moons ago.
Their words arose within the consciousness of dragonboy and spoke very clearly and directly as follows
“you do not own this land. Your father does not own this land. Your job while you are here is to treat this land as we treated it when we lived here.”
Since this initial interaction I (dragonboy) have tried to create a space in which we as modern people can cultivate a sense of respect and love for those elemental beings who’s bodies we utilize in order to exist. The Native American spirits are still here. If you are still enough and allow your body to become sensitive enough to experience their presence, you will discover the loving but serious sense of a powerful ally. These people knew that their lives would not be without the living gift of life supplied by the Great Spirit. This Spirit dwells in all places. Here, it is honored, and in this honoring a bridge between worlds is created. I invite you to participate in this unique experience and carry it with you in your travels, for in truth your Heart Temple is wherever you are.

For an Esoteric Astrology/Psychology Reading contact David dragonboy sutherland: or call 530 588 5183. Please, always walk with respect within these walls,

Thank You.