Revelations & burningman pics

light drawing mind inevitably to revelation.
each thought reveals within itself the opportunity for “knowing”
a state synonomous with God or Truth.
what then, to do, with such a state?
when Will reveals herself as the chariot of transformation “right action” will be taken.
time then reveals itself as relative only to self realization
the timeline of human history is but a broader wheel of time within the time of God or self realization.
the nature of this time is flowing in a spiral which “eats its own tail”
we are feeling the effects of this now.
we are choosing co-operation to reveal the true nature of this time
we are a conglomeration of the entirety of human history.
we will see peace blossom within the eye of the storm.

me and luke at a REALLY AWESOME installation

this is an AMAZING yoga intstuctor who’s classes I had the privelage of attending while on the playa this year
niema’s website

“emelia” in the doorway of our spaceship sky cave temple retreat center