There can be no other purpose for relating

There is nothing subtle about the words
that blossom from your tongue.
In fact, each note that vibrates my frame is cause
for celebration.
How then, to tempt this supposedly sacred transmission.
How to relate such a suggestion within the framework
of a sentence? She.
is a translator, he claims.
Run the impulsive reality through the stream of her being.
She is your primper, your internal god-willing meter.
She never waivers in her attempts to transfigure your
every outward gesture into a gift.
Her wisdom dances within the circuitry of loves creation.
All of creation.
You are a witness,
who must L I S T E N,
while simultaneously creating,
through her suggestions.
Her dance is eternal
written into the operating code of any living thing.
To forget or neglect her and act, is to deny your ability
to dance your eternal dance. Instead you dance for today, or yesterday
or tomorrow, you will not find her there.
She only exists within you
right here right now.
When you see this reality, you will know the truth of these words.
And eventually you will not care to dance without her guidance.
You will live more and more within the profound depths
of her eternal graciousness.
Capturing the underlying Yes within your own transmission,
you know
there can be no other purpose for relating.