sitting in the lounge

just got done with Falun Gong on campus, its a glorious day, RA penetrates my skin to activate the subtle forces beneath. Now i sit in the lounge updating this here site. i’ve included a picture of john, he’s been slaving away in the studio.

The Makai tomorrow

the makai will be playing at the crux tomorrow. I went bowling the other night and took some cool pics. I’m going to put those up soon. heart dave.

Celestine Prophecy showing locally

It will be playing at:
The Spiritual Enrichment Center, 2565 California Park Dr., Chico, April 7th at 7:30pm, 895- 8395.
Oroville Church of Religious Science, April 8, 2pm, 5250 Olive Hwy., Oroville, 2pm, 589-9719.
Center for Spiritual Awareness, April 9, noon, 789 Bille Rd., Paradise, Noon, 877-5673.

Rainy and Grey

So I started going back to work last week. It’s been kinda hectic, finishing up a job that was left over from an intern who fled to mexico for spring break, BUT i am getting to design a poster for joanna frueh who’s coming to Chico State in Early april.
Work is pretty fun.
I also busted my ass for like a week straight making paintings for a show i just put up in Has Beans. It’s a 2 human show, with myself and my friend mark, i’m going to take some photos of it and put them up here. I’m also going to take some more photos of my own work to upload to the site. SOON!
ughh. Pray for SUN.
sending light and love

Know thyself as thyself is all knowing.

I’m trying to find a place to put the dots
A page or at least a puzzle piece
An allowance to remember when the heat
Burns my eyes I can’t seem to listen
I fail to recognize the heart
Of all that pumps the endless streams of blood
To the friendliest and unfriendly creepers
Who I want to stop and look and listen
If only we could just recognize the light
That animates each others eyes then each day
Would be like a circus
A carnival that never ends, no second guessing
No glancing to the side to avoid the conductors
Who cast the characters that open the top
Where flying elephants eliminate frowning
Faces and in the midst of the toughest turmoil
Each one is a friend to help remember
Ends it only stops and starts again.
What am I charged with?
The dissemination of bliss cookies
Bowls of Green soup on Sundays
Living the life that reveals the mind’s disease
Of course it’s lonely,
a human is drunk on stimulation
Trying to gain that which is only written
Back to capture the child who sat in the tree
Watching them all from above
Like a bird
Unaware of his spying
They with their unrelentless structure
They unknowingly lying.
And as the truth is revealed to the child
He boldly but loving points out their misguidance
Through varying states of circumstance
They try but mind won’t budge
They take it wrong thinking your head is too strong
Then the heart is plowed
And forgiveness allowed and
As they open
You reveal the circumstance of
Their own childhood existence
The tenacity of an elder to disregard
The loving and confused persistence
of youth
“this is not what it’s about”
It’s much deeper and more hurtful
But real
Like a lion devouring the gazelle
God is I says the child
And we must re-write the revelations
To encompass a much broader perspective
We are not from here we just happened to land
And each spirit eye must open in order to understand
A mass awakening, she re-claiming the way she was
Her chaos beckoning and revealing what had lain sleeping for centuries
Each life time a single diary entry
Ye t the book is never closed
And this is what I’m charged with
Reminding the dreamers to write each chapter as it is lived
To quietly offer each breath of life as it is given
A page a day-each chapter revealed in each moment,
Know thyself as thyself is all knowing.

2 poems. one from me the other from Labeba-both written today, bless

Building the Tower
her pale
chrimson eyes
penetrate to the marrow
beckoning the transformation
that swims beneath the skin
buzzing and vibrating the surface
revealing her nature to the faithful dreamers
kissing the crowns
of the babes who yawn
and awaken
rising up to the task at hand
professing the truth of I and I
hearts bleeding
spirits weaving
to build again
the tower of Zion.
Reasoning with Gardenias
Reasoning with Gardenias
Outside the front door
Planting seeds
Music echoes through
The tunnel of never-ending change
No need to re-arrange
Laughter and calm
Sun shines
Late winter
Spring peaks its head
As the fingers continue
To connect with the soil
Letting go of toil
The beauty sets I free
And the worries
Drift away
Today is a new day.