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Astrological newsletter from Michelle Karen for
Dear Friends
Kindly note that the dates and times given below are in PDT (Pacific Daylight Saving Time). For the East Coast, add three hours, etc….
This month we are being graced by a Lunar Eclipse on August 28 at 3:35 AM at 4º46’ Pisces, which will be followed on the 11th of September by a Solar Eclipse at 18º25’ Virgo. Eclipses always mark major turning points beyond which nothing in our lives will ever be the same. Do your best to avoid getting into arguments on those days as what is being said would be irrevocable. That particular degree is described in the Sabian Symbols by “A church bazaar”, a place of exchange where the most eclectic items are being sold and bought for a good cause. This eclipse points to the need to value our talents and that no matter how large or small they may seem, they all contribute to the mosaic of all that is, building a better world through solidarity. No brick is unnecessary and each brings us closer to the final edifice.
Venus remains retrograde this whole month between 2º25’ Virgo and 18º05’ Leo. Many relationships will be revisited during this period. We may get another chance at a romance we thought was lost. We could meet someone who feels familiar although in this life-time at least, it is the first time we connect. Flash-backs could occur with this particular person emerging from the depths of our subconscious memories. We shall become clearer as to what works and what doesn’t in our relationships, and also realize which ties have outlived their purpose and which ones can still be constructively improved. Artists should be particularly inspired by this retrogration and create some of their best work.
Jupiter ends its retrogradation (which started on April 5th) on August 6th at 9º55’ Sagittarius. “A theatrical representation of a golden-haired Goddess of opportunity”. This is an interesting degree to end this whole cycle of needing to live to the highest degree of integrity. As we have stuck to strict personal honesty, opportunities presented themselves to us which, under more normal circumstances, may have seemed impossible. Yet, they are ‘golden” and larger than life as in any good theatrical production. The rewards of sticking to our truth are divine in nature and almost surreal in that they open up doors we may not even have suspected existed and which are VERY concrete.
Uranus is still retrograde this whole month between 18º08’ and 17º05’ Pisces. These two degrees are respectively symbolized in the Sabian Symbols by “In a gigantic tent, Villagers witness a spectacular performance” and “A Master instructing his disciple”. We are being informed both by beings on higher planes of existence and the magic that is all around us if we open our eyes to it. Miracles exist in the eyes of the beholder and it is as we start to look for them that we are actually bringing them into existence. Miracles should be part of our daily existence and should not be extraordinary, but truly a natural expression of our inner divinity.
Neptune continues to be retrograde this whole month between between 20º58’ and 20º10’ Aquarius. This degree is represented by “a disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life”. The key word here is “seemingly”. Disappointment and disillusions can only be brought about by expectations. If spiritually, we just live present to the moment and flow with what is AS it is, then there is no place for spiritual imagination and only gratitude can flow from our experiences. No matter how dull our lives may seem to have become, there is always room for creative changes that can infuse our daily routine with life and excitement and adventure. It is our mental perspective that makes the difference between a boring and a magical life.
Pluto is still retrograde this whole month between 26º39’ and 26º18’ Sagittarius. “A sculptor at his work”. As we keep digging deeper within ourselves to unearth the form in the block of marble, we allow new life forms to emerge. As we free ourselves from old clutter, outdated relationships, behavior and thoughts that no longer serve our highest good, a whole world of possibilities can manifest, opening our consciousness to new ways of looking at what was in danger of limiting us. When we open our imagination to all the options available to our creativity, the possibilities of manifestation are simply endless.
The Moon will be Void of Course (V/C), -forming no major aspect with any planet before entering the following sign-, on :
Thursday 8/2 between 8:37 AM and 1:43 PM when the Moon enters Aries
Saturday 8/4 between 10:31 AM and 4:16 PM when the Moon enters Taurus
Monday 8/6 between 6:50 PM and 7:01 PM when the Moon enters Gemini
Wednesday 8/8 between 10:27 PM and 10:36 PM when the Moon enters Cancer
Friday 8/10 at 5:57 AM until Saturday 8/11 at 3:42 AM when the Moon enters Leo
Monday 8/13 between 6:34 AM and 11:03 AM when the Moon enters Virgo
Wednesday 8/15 between 2:02 PM and 9:04 PM when the Moon enters Libra
Saturday 8/18 between 5:21 AM and 9:13 AM when the Moon enters Scorpio
Monday 8/20 between 6:34 PM and 9:44 PM when the Moon enters Sagittarius
Thursday 8/23 between 5:54 AM and 8:20 AM when the Moon enters Capricorn
Friday 8/24 at 4:41 PM until Saturday 8/25 at 3:35 PM when the Moon enters Aquarius
Monday 8/27 between 6:23 PM and 7:34 PM when the Moon enters Pisces
Wednesday 8/29 between 3:22 PM and 9:25 PM when the Moon enters Aries
Friday 8/31 between 10:18 PM and 10:35 PM when the Moon enters Taurus
Mark these periods in your calendars and avoid scheduling anything of importance during those times as it would amount to…. nothing.
Scheduling our activities based on the zodiacal position of the Moon :
Moon in Pisces until Thursday 8/2 at 1:42 PM + between Monday 8/27 at 7:34 PM and Wednesday 8/29 at 9:24 PM : great for meditating, yoga, sitting by the ocean, anything related to the sacred, music, dancing, painting, photography, film, dreaming, channeling, swimming, sleeping and connecting to the mystical magic and oneness of all…
Moon in Aries between Monday 8/2 at 1:43 PM and Saturday 8/4 at 4:15 PM + between Wednesday 8/29 at 9:25 PM and Friday 8/31 at 10:34 PM : great for intense physical activities, anything requiring forceful, direct action, and self-assertion. Good also for leadership, spontaneity, good will, being a way shower and initiating new projects…
Moon in Taurus between Saturday 8/4 at 4:16 PM and Monday 8/6 at 7:00 PM + between Friday August 31 at 10:35 PM and Monday September 3 at 0:29 AM : perfect for any financial matter: paying our bills/debts, asking for the money that is owed to us, investing in real estate, buying and selling. Perfect also for a stroll in the park, going to the countryside, connecting with our Mother the Earth…. Good also for gardening and pottery, sculpting as well as body work….
Moon in Gemini between Monday 8/6 at 7:01 PM and Wednesday 8/8 at 10:35 PM : excellent for multi-tasking, curiosity, any form of communication, exchanging information, sending e-mails, calling friends and acquaintances. Great also for social activities, attending conferences, reading a book, watching a documentary, gathering data on related topics, connecting with new people…
Moon in Cancer between Wednesday 8/8 at 10:36 PM and Saturday 8/11 at 3:41 AM : perfect for family activities, especially those involving children. Good for spending more time at home, cooking, nurturing ourselves and those we love, inviting the people we cherish over for dinner. Excellent also for drawing, creative writing, crazy humor and anything requiring imagination…
Moon in Leo between Saturday 8/11 at 3:42 AM and Monday 8/13 at 11:02 AM : excellent for anything glamorous, dramatic performances, being in the public’s eye, throwing or attending an elegant party, playing with children, romance and creativity in general…
Moon in Virgo between Monday 8/13 at 11:03 AM and Wednesday 8/15 at 9:03 PM : excellent for starting a new fitness program, healthy nutrition, fasting, clearing our closets, cleaning our home, reorganizing our drawers…. Perfect also for detailed work, the focused use of our intelligence, and taking care of small pets…
Moon in Libra between Wednesday 8/15 at 9:04 PM and Saturday 8/18 at 9:12 AM : great for relationships, associations, diplomatic exchanges with others, anything related to beauty (a haircut, buying a new dress, a make-over…), art (especially painting and decorating), a pleasant social event…
Moon in Scorpio between Saturday 8/18 at 9:13 AM and Monday 8/20 at 9:43 PM : perfect for scientific research, esoteric studies, self-transformation, dealing with the mysteries of life, death, sexuality and exploring the other side of the veil, as well as insurances and issues involving personal power…
Moon in Sagittarius between Monday 8/20 at 9:44 PM and Thursday 8/23 at 8:19 AM : perfect for traveling, religious and/or philosophical activities or matters related to higher education and the law. Excellent for lecturing, learning, perfecting foreign languages, exploring other cultures…. Perfect also for athletic training and tending to big animals (horses….)
Moon in Capricorn between Thursday 8/23 at 8:20 AM and Saturday 8/25 at 3:34 PM : good for furthering our ambitions, asking for a promotion, enlisting the support of people in positions of authority, making a good impression, re-structuring our business and redefining our long-term goals….
Moon in Aquarius between Saturday 8/25 at 3:35 PM and Monday 8/27 at 7:33 PM : perfect for philanthropic activities, charitable organizations, meeting with friends, making new acquaintances. Good also for inventions, far out, progressive ideas, inter-dimensional and time travel, anything related to UFOs, computers and technology in general…
Our intentional meditation began on July 29th with the Full Moon in Aquarius. On Sunday 8/12, take out the blank charged sheets and write on each one, a precise, concise, positive intention (I’m often asked if we can repeat the same intentions month after month. By all means, YES! Until they manifest). Place your papers out to bask in the New Moon in Leo at exactly 4:02 PM (if you need to go away, you can put them out on a balcony, in a garden or near an open window, up to several hours before and after that precise moment). After that moment has passed, collect them, staple them together, write the date and put them away in the expectancy of a miracle!
On Tuesday August 28th, you will place a new bunch of sheets out to be charged by the Full Moon in Pisces, at 3:35 AM. Because it is an eclipse and that the following New Moon in September, also will be one, these are particularly important times to manifest our dreams. After that moment has passed, put them away in a folder until the next New Moon which will occur in Virgo on 9/11 at 5:44 AM.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Thursday 8/2: Sun Trine Jupiter (8:12 AM)
A day filled with positive energy that enhances our self-esteem and makes us wish to reform our lives in constructive ways. Great for traveling, as well as any matter related to the law, higher education, speculative investments, philosophy and religion. As we experience increased popularity, romantic opportunities are likely to present themselves. Artists could enjoy a big break today. Rewards for past work come with a substantial income.
Friday 8/3: Mercury Sextile Mars (2:53 AM)
Great for direct communications and anything related to writing, publishing, conference speaking and teaching. Our work or our studies may call for a small trip. Problems that may arise today, particularly in the field of engineering or science, are solved energetically.
Saturday 8/4: Mercury enters Leo (10:15 AM until Aug 19 at 6:01 AM)
Six weeks that conference speakers, actors and performing artists should be very excited about as they can shine more dramatically than usual and attract a warm and supportive audience. There could be a strong yearning towards glamour and the wish to communicate in a more open-hearted way than we may be used to. As a means of self-expression, our creativity is greatly enhanced by this transit. Relationships with children are likely to be more easy and playful.
Monday 8/6: Saturn Trine Pluto (3:20 AM), Jupiter turns Direct (7:06 PM), Mars enters Gemini (11:01 PM until September 28 at 4:54 PM)
Regarding Jupiter turning direct, kindly refer to the opening paragraph. For the next two months, Geminis will be greatly favored. Our energy could be more scattered than usual. We may want to create more excitement for ourselves and, led by our curiosity, become interested in many different areas of life. Today, more specifically, we may experience a deeper level of concentration, seriousness, willpower and purposefulness. We could unravel a mystery both at work and in our personal lives. This is an excellent transit for occult and scientific research as well as meditation.
Monday 8/13: Sun Opposition Neptune (11:27 AM), Venus Conjunct Saturn (12:15 PM)
This is a day of mixed blessings. On one hand we seek more depth and commitment from our relationships, on the other, we may feel a little indifferent and dreamy, oblivious to others, lost in a dream-world that tends to distort our perceptions of what is really there and what isn’t. Becoming clear with ourselves and doing our best to stay as realistic as possible will see us through today without causing, or being prey, to deceptions.
Tuesday 8/14: Mercury Opposition Neptune (1:10 PM)
There could be quite a bit of confusion in our exchanges with others today. Because we are particularly receptive to vibrations, we may hear not what someone is saying, but what they’re thinking. Although not favorable for intellectual work requiring attention to details, this is a wonderful transit for artists who could feel more inspired than usual. Very good also for spiritual endeavors that require to be tuned into higher frequencies, although the risk of falling prey to illusions is present. Because of a head in the clouds attitude, discernment is of the utmost importance today.
Wednesday 8/15: Venus Trine Pluto (6:48 AM), Sun Conjunct Mercury (12:56 PM)
Wonderful for a powerful date with emotions running deeper than may be initially apparent. A strong, magnetic attraction could occur which transforms our lives in depth and makes us aware of possible fears regarding intimacy. A day when we may feel very passionate and communicate our thoughts very clearly, with courage and conviction. Perfect for writers and people who rely on words.
Thursday 8/16: Mercury Conjunct Venus (10:26 PM)
Even difficult feelings will be expressed nicely, peacefully and diplomatically today. Great for a quiet and pleasant evening among friends. You may also wish to read or watch a love story. A day when it’s easier to contact our emotions and generally feel more serene.
Friday 8/17: Mercury Trine Pluto (10:21 AM), Sun Conjunct Venus (8:42 PM)
A wonderful day for experiencing unusual mental powers. Excellent for any study related to science or the occult. We could gain insights into life after death and ways in which to regenerate our goals. Contracts that were not previously available, could be offered to us. Our communications should be deeper and more perceptive than normal. Tonight is perfect for an elegant date which will feel very romantic and free-flowing.
Saturday 8/18: Mercury Conjunct Saturn (6:44 AM)
Our mental concerns could be more serious. We could also adopt a more realistic view towards the issues at hand. Excellent for re-organizing our desk and re-structuring our long and short term goals. Any decision made today will be responsible and have long reaching effects that help us further our ambitions in a positive and grounded manner.
Sunday 8/19: Mercury enters Virgo (6:01 AM until September 5 at 5:03 AM), Sun Trine Pluto (11:11 AM)
In the next month, our thinking and way of communicating are more practical and focused on details. This is an excellent time to enroll in a study that will require discipline and persistence. We could also wish to learn more about health, exercise and nutrition and commit to a fitness program. We could also become more involved in environmental issues and reconnect with our Mother, the Earth. Today, more specifically, and especially in matters related to education, the law, politics and art, particularly theater, we could be inspired to improve our lives and regenerate at a deep level. Some profound insights could lead to important spiritual revelations .
Tuesday 8/21: Sun Conjunct Saturn (4:30 PM)
A day of practical reorganization. We should be able to meet our deadlines more easily than usual, and be particularly focused and efficient in the use of our time. Our ambitions could be redefined and all our backlogged work, tackled seemingly effortlessly. A feeling of self-sufficiency, as well as discipline, strength and patience support both our ambitions and reputation. Yet, this transit is not the best for financial investments, nor is it great for romance or dealing with children, areas where we could experience some frustrations.
Thursday 8/23: The Sun enters Virgo (5:08 AM until September 23 at 2:52 AM, the Fall Equinox), Mars Opposition Jupiter (9:02 AM)
In the next month, we shall be drawn to a more practical use of our energy and certainly focus on environmental issues while paying more attention to our health and nutrition. Disciplined, detailed work will not frighten us and much can be accomplished by Fall that will be rewarded in the following few months. Today, more specifically, we could feel that others try to impose their political and philosophical ideas on us. We should also be careful not to fall prey to an over-confidence which could make us a little too assertive and aggressive. If we are not careful, extravagance, conceit and over-indulgence either in ourselves or others, could also be problems we face today.
Friday 8/24: Mercury Square Jupiter (6:03 PM)
We could be a little scattered today and lack clarity. The wish to avoid responsibilities and the tendency to speak without getting to the point could be present. Definitely not the best day for teaching, lecturing, traveling, studying, handling legal affairs or signing contracts.
Saturday 8/25: Mercury Square Mars (9:00 AM), Venus Opposition Neptune (2:49 PM)
Conflicts could arise today, in the form of arguments and disagreements, particularly with co-workers, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors. Not the most favorable day for any kind of negotiation nor communication in general. Lecturing, writing and traveling are ill-advised. We should also stay away from sharp tools, be extra careful when driving and resist the inclination to buy impulsively. We could speak our minds a little too freely today and come to regret what we said. Love could be another area of confusion today. We could be attracted to someone who does not reciprocate our feelings or imagine that our relationship is more profound than it really is. We could idealize someone who doesn’t deserve to be placed on a pedestal. The magic we may feel could prove disappointing and dissolve into something much more mundane than we initially dreamt of.
Tuesday 8/28: Mercury Opposition Uranus (12:38 PM)
A day to expect the unexpected. Not much will be happening according to schedule. Sudden changes in plans are likely to occur. We could accept advice from the wrong people and experience difficulties in our relationships. Nervousness and irritability could create problems. Not the best day to sign documents.
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you told me my eyes would replace my body
you showed me waves endless dance upon your back
you’ve trained me in the ways of snake and tiger
and still
i hunger
but am forever thankful
and the green lucious leaves of your forest walls
will never leave my body or mind.
my lust is superceded by my need to surrender my will to thee
my earth bound pleasures are for not
if they do not exude the essence of your cosmic body.
endlessely intertwined with your creatrix
i dance
by the sweetness
of your flowing nectar
in lotus heart
i advance.

love is all it will ever take

* *
without testing the waters
how would he know it’s never safe to swim here.
things are never ok
in the way his mind wants them to be.
the light house is out of order
boats float blindly in the salty turbulence of a mind
too deep for measure,
this pleasure palace is tainted with a million dollar
means to gain victory.
perfection is not a thing
it’s a state of being- and your life is the side effect
i see you sing the same song
while the others wallow in a world
that’s not their own
they don’t belong
and that’s not ok
that’s why we’re here
steering the boats to safety
using every ounce of what light we have.
offering eternal wisdom to every
bleeding system
streets come clean by the
will of our everyday divine beings.
eccentric as happy children
as wise as owls eyes
we build homes for those without
we sing songs to the spirits
so that they may help us out
as they always do
you know this
i see it in your widening eyes
a knowing as deep as her body is wide
these tides are changing
and all that remains is giving
you see
value has no worth
worth has no value
if the truth we pursue is along a path
that does not end in a pool of loves liquid light.
endlessly abundant are her means
if only we’d slow down long enough to see,
she’s having a nervous breakdown
and it’s all because of me, and me, no me, no me,
no me, and 6 point something other billion me’s
who allow this dying state that rapes
and kills, torments and tortures
separates and shames and judges
we are one body.
there is no condemning in the future
not one shoulder will turn in abandon
not one mind will cast out another,
how do i know this you ask
because i live here
and i stand before you as
proof that words
are more powerful than sounds
our bodies happen to make,
and arms when hugging know
that love is all it will ever take,
and I
will never stop loving
each one of you.


her brilliant eyes
are reminders.
his open arms
are reminders.
their expanding and opening hearts,
post it notes for remembering
a time
when you
without the narrow confines
of a tormenting mind.
a time
when you were you.
a you, who, though confused
knew, the truth of your own heart.
a you who knew when eyes were lying,
a you whos body exuded the wonder of life itself,
married to all things you touched
sensatized to the slightest sounds and shifts in the atmosphere
a you who’s gentle inner hum
echoed that of mama’s womb
the birthing home from which you’d come.
The remembrance of these years
are your only chance for understanding the delicate ways
which cosmic mother weaves her life’s lessons.
To touch the air of now
with the same reverence you had then,
is to catch a glimpse
of a future
filled with the hope
of your true loving essence.