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I got the radio show again this semester, anyone can check it out since it’s on the net. My show is called opening the sky cave, i’ll be reading some poetry and various writings, doing some interviews and playin some super cool music. Check it out if you can, it’s thursday nights from 9:30-11:30.
i met this really cool person at the naked lounge tonight a young genius who’s sisters with this other amazing kid i recently met. When you (i) meet young people that are REALLY powerful it makes me happy. Give thanks for these wonderlings and all soul brothers and sisters.
I’ve included some writing from my friend rico–fellow aquarian–he goes into these hyperreality trance states and writes this beautiful perfect nonesense/altersense i should say– it’s really great stuff– abstract–i can relate check it:
Staring , the motion shifts carefully in calculated moves, care to fly?
The fly distorts data that redemes passing thoughts collecting for 1-800 blindness Inc.
…click for deadlines on tuesdays fading dots, fly home, to the country, breakdown, breakthrough, self mocking mirrored moments of nervous laughter, pure, even if its too heavy, he still thought about the combinations but first he thought of her,
his daughter, he spoke of her mostly, it was obvious he cared and I thought he was lucky for being human
to love all without dirctly saying it, to calmly say, im here…
she wanted to get through while driving in the car, maybe the motion after 4 years of screaming either adopted change too early or too late,but the need for two always proceeded the need for one, even it was to be handled to
dress up, we still all needed each other, after all these years, to talk to , with and through the airs errors,
signs motions emptiness breeding absence within the presence of knowing how time dissolved with all the things you didnt say,or couldnt say, and I gave up on the collective spiritual efforts after discovering pure spirituality was only embarked upon in complete void of man, inside the circles of space, a dark universe, internally boundless of
deep space, the answers were, to connect and put together how you saw it, infinite, as the light universe was well traveled, but limited, the obstacles created missing pieces of the puzzle.

22 thoughts on “radio show and rico writing

  1. Last night was a blast, thanks Dave. Aquarius Brother, your dance is facinating, your exploring places so free its contagious. Loved dancing with everybody, and the grounded fractals, hypnotic
    moments to let go, and live in dance Loves Secret Domain, outta sight.
    Freeze 1 million moments to remember this, a new age
    freeze the 4th power
    Keep spare light on hand at all times.

  2. 1. Destroy or neutralize alien machinery of goverment control.
    2. Break down alien language
    3. Why waste a good pattern, waste a good pattern.
    4. Timewave zero
    5. Scapegoat hero
    6 The why not club

  3. rains ground stones language drop:
    drops lifes drips,
    on falls greatest moments.
    A chance(here to imagine), a buck of noodles,
    the hidden sun on time loops,
    l flash macro,2 and 4
    3 loops to nowhere
    do you care?
    are you there?
    direction: take on me
    non planetory direction: take me on
    Unsane undercover collectives chanting, just
    Look around jack

  4. THE TECHNO APE types in saplock sox of the struggle.
    Super smacker, extra A-ok, super vision
    power up caPtain..
    Choice by choice, memories gather like old newspapers in need of re-cycle.
    When we smoke joints, custom operates
    watch through black windows.
    Even pink crayons leave history behind.

  5. Fogg Evolve/Move on
    The child is clear right if present,
    safety watch for thirsty wooden nickels
    through what is now called, the pixel baboushka.
    Disregarded, but paramount to the bald ape, to escape with the beats of prediction.
    The angles action of approach warms
    anxiety in pixel land.
    Conditional infancy in pergatory,
    or .333 if you like.

  6. Someone said it never ends, but nevertheless
    im sitting down, to write about you, do you know who you are? ive been thinking about you, and its my innervoice to say out loud, i want to see you(again)
    before three days go by, or i may go away…
    as always, i want more out of life, not just tears of history to be short or radical,
    but i swear,, we could be good together.
    you think i dont care, or better yet,
    to flash froc, pots, dirty, plastic, or other.
    Ridiculos charges of 3,600 words
    to admire with smudge and ridicule, lost but detectable,
    THE PROCESS,the search, the time to trace back that feeling
    inside, you are so beautiful it hurts, it hurts that I cant hold you right now, i can only type these words, i feel.

  7. Where is mother
    and father,
    Where they be bro, allow Rollie the hamster not to static our effective strategies in communicating, it smorped somthing like this,szz.
    mischievbious russians chemistruct solar frost,
    park transcan man e, for everyone
    t-bone twixi bajazzari cast addictive fiances’
    natty pine twill whey pong beamers for bong rips
    to clear with scout w. bunny on natures path a la
    cali revenge foam on sale at flower Patty’s garden co-pop
    saddle up, time for::::::
    a shower and a song,, a love song by kenny
    Rogers, cry up Back uppers stages lied at other stages,
    > station isentification
    fertilizer hail re growth sub populous sector not t3oz, breaking, breaking, handing shots , beakers,
    fluff dynamite, im fucked.

  8. I was crossed by river deep and wide, and was buried in Wild, Colorado but i am still alive
    I’ll fly a starship across the universe divide,
    and when i reach the other side,perhaps i will be a highwayman again, or
    maybe i will be a single drop of rain, but i will remain, to be back again and again and again and again and again
    I was a highwayman, along the coachroads in 25′ many a young maiden lost thier life with
    my sword at my side, many a soliders shed thier life on my blade,
    many lost their life to my trade, but
    the bastards hung me in the spring of 25′
    but here i am alive, again and again and again and again and again
    i was born along the tide where the sea i did abide, I sailed a schooner around the horn of mexico, i went along with a girl named pearl but
    when the yards broke off they say i was killed, but im living still
    where steel and water collide, and the wet concrete subsides, im still alive

  9. I can see my days are numbered as daves entries add anew as the older ones drop into cyber oblivion, and as I can realize my own mortality, I appreciate a forum to write, so i ask the powers that be, maybe there is a chance to continue on, with entries from myself and others, an ongoing portal of connectivity for the lonely writers who have a chance for the sake of chance. A chance to start and end in one sentence, or continue on in a dreamy sequence that leaves the realm of the conscious and into the mystic. I found some older stuff I wrote that was archived on a ripped napkin, allow me to get it together.

  10. Tomorrow is St. Patricks day, so I bought some irish breakfast tea at trader joes. Im not sure why its called irish breakfast tea, its not grown in Ireland, and not always consumned in the morning, but nevertheless, it was on sale;100bags@2.99, that beats Lipton@safeway(to rip you off and smile while your getting fucked). Anyways, Happy St. Patricks day to everybody, and happy birtday To ED(dread) who’s bday falls on yes, St.Patty. He personally is still looking for Patty to fall into. Drummer Dave gave me the heads up for tomorrows party at the palms(or serenity ctr.) Im thinking of making an appearence, and either tying one on or watching people tying one on and then leaving 15 minutes later…hmmmmm, there is somthing just not right with that. For those of you who dont know me, I was a promising Film major who struck it big in the nineties with the breakout title “hit me with your best shot”,
    a dance tune turned TV soap scum after it was re-arranged into a film short called “THE NO”, staring the unmentionable and now archived in a river of deception. After my neighbor cracked my skull and i ended up with pieces of my brain spread all over Chico, I called it home. After bouts with shitting myself, I took an intern gig at the Huggies Corp. utilizing my skills as an agressive salesman through marketing techniques that enabled my vobabulary to reach higher grounds with phrases like “let me ask you this” always enthusiastically asking for Mary or Jane and more times than not getting the shaft from Dick. So I Quit with a capital Q and moved to the capitol of Mexico…Tiajuana. After a short term writing assignment about illegal chicken crossing, = i discovered the answer to what came first, the chicken or the egg? In philosophy, the question was actually the answer, as your seting it up, its the foundation that counts, the question, which really translates into the dream, as always, its not the reward that satisfies, its the struggle to get it, THE PROCESS, and to question is to answer indirectly, because what your doing is setting up the answer to have a platform into which the question provides. So after some minor shock therapy(10,000 volts) I feel like im really “all here” now, and ready to cyber archive a random poem I found.

  11. Untitled:
    The L5 colony is now Broxmyer Subsideries, a space corp. common to resolution by dissolution, compromising evolution agreed by 400 years of center based seperation called the proximity pause. The 2nd double wave brought us the 3rd link of power to bring leveling, to brng 128 Jesus’ and domesticating janitors for Jesus, accelerating 30,000 years of projection, and a two year olds insight, the lemonade busiess just isnt buying little girls ponys anymore. While clocks tick history past tomorrows cynnical plans,, clocks on auto-piolet clicks away life within the struggle. Welcome to the Global Brain.

  12. St. Patricks day is here and im home typing about how the cops ruined halloween, and now St. Pattys.
    No, im not downtown, but I dont have to be to visualize the scene…cops on sidewalks giving each other hand jobs, literally. Its an easy summation of over doing it, but who really cares about St. Patties, its for yahoo college students who could care less about this town. But halloween, c’mon, when the city suits took away halloween, it was a statement of change. Now look whats happening to our beautiful town, they destoyed central look at it, what a shame, and for what? $$$$$$ Its the (x) factor that will be the underlining fall of western civiliztion as we know it. Wal mart has made a mockery of a capitalistic system that was designd to fail. Ive always held the ideals of a land not about the bottom dollar, not about screwing over your fellow man for a buck, but a community based on a barter system of goods and services. We are an over-produced society that says as a productive citizen, you must enslave yourself to the wheels of production, thus giving away your time until your old and cold. The best thing you can do is nothing at all. Thats why they never wanted a nation of pot smokers, because in many ways, pot is a truth agent. And when it comes to LSD and other psychotropics, they really dont want you doing that, for it might enlighten you, it might allow you to breakdown those redundant destructive behaivors and transform you into a new you altogether. This new you may see things different from the establishment, more like the way God wanted man to be. We are connected to the universe and the answers are out there but more importantly, the qustions are within you. Ask yourself why your not happy, or why your uncertain about so many things. Im not here to answer, because i dont have the answer, you do. It is up to you to ask the right quetions on your quest for knowledge, spirituality, and enlightenment.

  13. GMonday, monday…monday haze early knoking knock knock, who is it? Rick…spark,
    light, indirect pre-dispostion(it just came along), then there was i, then there was i, and Nick, with Rick in the backdrop to can, the band, ive the al;bum man, “tago Mago”,,its fantastic.
    Ive got class later, oh shit, a midterm, oh no, i havent studied. I must crack a book now, Ciao’

  14. Im back from class, or should i say…no class. First time ever i experienced a cancelled class on the day of a midterm…ok. It all happened for a reason I suppose, got a call from William Bathurst, the writer, back from the city. Was able to hook up with Bill for an hour. I forgot to get some of his poetry, i will try to get a piece he did about a trip that involves sex with a shovel. If he so chooses, it might be somthing else. Talking of poetry, i havent been able to get to an open mic night/poetry night, and i want to, checkity check into it. The whole crowd thing adds another dimension, heelo? So, depending on the social skills of the poet, sometimes thats not the right road to travel, hello? Sometimes its best when you can just write or type,
    without the anxiety of the crowd. Sometimes its fun to direct a crowd into not knowing whats going on, random direction, into hyper-reality states, into tracendence, hello? a crazy place, or super not so so hello? super flow in a hallows glow, buried, smothered by wet cement, a dam builders grave, that knows no sound, and to whisper in a crowd, and stomp on acid rain, then the photo loops in light stain, the smell, the twist, the throw at the wall,, to repeat, hello? Get up, put that thing in the box, send it away, speak of future soccer stars, & Silvia, where learning is good.

  15. Id could just be a figmint of your imagination, unless it involves a giant…”GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR”, the ugly grotesque creature was like an overgrown worm with dark yellow puss coming out holes that were lined in three. He was from another place, but wanted somthing. The record began to skip, and the creature became confused. He then walked off huffing and squalling some ridiculous old chant that went somthing like this: LOM rujer pock mas farn tine lost last harn…and then it went somthing like this…Hi, im WIGGLES, i like to stand on one foot and shake my hands. I like to twist, and everybody is doing the twist, except the square people who cant stand to shake hands. The creature morphed into her, the one, she was multi-colored, and in back of her were many moons, where i saw people dance and frolic, Id made it to some sort twisted Utopia. The dream, the feeling, the place. Air moved with my fingers, i was alive, i was in a dream, i was alive, in dimension 5, I was happy, i was like a boy, everything was new and exciting.

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