Events this Weekend

I’m part of this group show callled Apropos Apropriation at the humanities center gallery on chico state campus, the reception is this friday 5-7.
Also This Saturday is Chico Earth Dance at the childrens park. We’ll be performing a Super Super cool piece called “The Magical Adventures of August Ether” at 2:15pm. I’ve been busting my a@$% to get it all together and it’s going to be freaking cool amazing strange beautiful, info and links below

chico earthdance

humanities center gallery
SEP. 4-OCT. 9
Apropos Appropriation Marion Bronson, Richard Whitehead, Elizabeth Newman Kuiper, Darice McGuire and David Sutherland
Sep. 12 Reception 5-7pm
Bronson: “…we call ourselves appropriationists, and the art form appropriationism. We coined the last two words to avoid the financial connotation of the dictionary word ‘appropriators.’ We have written rules, the most flexible and generous we could design. We are free to adapt each other’s art and ideas. Each of us owns all the work he or she produces as an individual, signs it with her or his own name, and is free not to share credit or pay royalties. The exhibit itself will include the originals and the adaptations, showing the unique patterns of appropriationism as the artists derived new works from each other’s products….As the opening date nears, none of us has a clear idea of what will be on the gallery walls. Instead we stay open to all the creative ideas of the members. Whitehead has decided to paint some of my close-up photos of his own work. McGuire chose to paint a photograph I had taken in Denver of an artist’s studio floor. Sutherland used Photoshop to alter several of my photos, and digitally combine them with his own digital images. Kuiper has been using a photo of the Denver studio floor to paint, and then photograph her painting as a background for tabletop photography.”

back from burningman 2008

on the dirt road straight from susanville to gerlach!

in the mobile art temple w josh, marco, and quick

2 random beautiful beloveds

josh in wings

me riding a cock

inside of temple

ladybug boy

jaqueline the super sweet love child from puerta vallearta

me and “blank page”


monkey chant

cabrina & dragon

the gold paint goddess

charlie & dragon


the first and last flight of my teenage mutant ninja turtle kite, it found it’s home & I gifted it to these kids from oakland


hicksy at camp


the poohbearball that kicked my ass!

mmmmmmmmmm…amuse playing on the temple

front window of the mobile art temple

temple burn