opening the sky cave

The college radio station has finally been completely moved and is up and running. So even though it’s REALLY late in the semester (like 3 weeks left) we’re starting shows.
Mine is on Mondays at 9pm it’s called “Opening the sky cave” with DJ Dragonboy (that’s me) It’ really eclectic in terms of the style of music, i read my own and other peoples poetry in between music.
check it out if you want.
link>>>> KCSC

This Ship is Sailing, Rest in Her Beckoning Silence

this ship is sailing,
your life is lived
inside the mouth of two luscious lips,
and these false words keep failing.
Time is of the essence.
You don’t say…
I say
The Essence of time is upon us
and it is
Up to us
to Re-invest
to Re-invest our interests
into the power of each instant
and give the pure ineffable essence
which we are always gifted.
Tranquil are the bones
that rest beneath the soil,
yet, inspired are those that follow spirits movement
and how does spirit move?
those who yell in curses miss
those who fail to LISTEN
with stubborn resistance,
yet, so alluring is her
heavenly aria
and how sweet
it is to catch
a melody upon thine own lips
to give a kiss
whose residue spirals with her loving mists.
this continued callousness,
angry stubborn “out to get his” resistance is dying
it’s dying in the hearts
who are becoming the leaders of mind body crew
on this cruise ship
the hearts whose lips draw the beautiful smiling
curves of true resistance to self aggrandizing attempts.
listen to her whispers
and actions never fail
walk with the caution of her grace
and your steps will never lead you astray.
retrace-with wisdom mind and memory
where your eyes and inner ears
have left hers behind
ask yourself why?
then come back
wreak havoc on your world
then come back
retracing again with memories correction pen.
to realize you will live eternally in her eyes
is to awaken
is to close the door to old ways angry gaze.
“I’m out to get mine” is the squirming call of the failing paradigm
“what can you give me” is the hopeless call to a continuous struggle in life’s eternal miseries.
Mother ship
beckons me
I cry for her
as she cries for me
and the blending of
these tears-
fills all souls with goddess alchemy.
lay down arms that strike in fear
pull back arms that grab
in greed.
offer arms that caress and
lovingly bless those they touch.
give thanks for eternities timeless essence
remember her voice,
your voice
and rest
in her beckoning silence.

One Single Note

Single note
floats above the crowd
vibrating in
perfect harmony
with her
inner voice
in unison
with the tune of
this expanding universe-
one choice
she says
with internal steps.
concrete stains remain
implanted oracle
frame by frame
dream sequence
plays on screen
through millions of colors
an endless palette of
harmonious hues on white walls
captain forget me not
as tall as a soldier can stand
holding an M-16
in his
one remaining hand-
“I love you”
I shout
“But I’m leaving you behind”
her loving voice is too strong-
the inventor
never actually wanted to drop the bomb-
but we had no choice
It is necessary to fully absorb
and listen
to every anger filled bit
in his waning voice.
You see
This War
is proof,
a telling tale of how fucked up things can get
but this is fuel for a burning fire
with no relent
a tidal wave of forget me nots
who’s notes we’ve just learned how to sing
opening up channels,
pounding drums, droning up the very
foundation from which we’ve come
drums of divine minds
drums of thunder head mum
these drums are not hum drums
not the hum drums of his powerless
and unnecessary capitalization of human sums,
the slumming down drums of a dying
nation of forceful dictation.
The Flags are all dead-on the tops of their poles.
*boom boom boom boom*
So hear this:
the temptation exists to tell off the so called
powers that be
but this won’t do
“This wont do”
she whispers into your inner ear
“become the power through my caress
let your soul gaze
and disintegrate all unhealthy remnants
in its relentless path of renewal.
I will seal my love with a kiss
and if your macho body can’t stand the
underlying power of it’s pure bliss
then fall
into your own reflection,
the one who’s lessons you keep
and i fear not
because I know
her nature
she offers suggestion after
awakening suggestion,
patiently tickling your lobes
with divine reminders
packaging tales
of renewal in the eyes of your
brothers and sisters
each one a bottomless gifter
a truth telling antennae
each tuned to her frequency
the real medicine we need
in order to cure his-stories dis-ease.
relentless is her breath
caressing surface to level
all resistance
raining high above their hearts
we lift them up
and ride the waves
and sing the notes
of a coming age.


kyle delmar & friends at our first opening at the new crux

soaked chicken

temple in fall

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a burrito w/ ants on it, mmmmmmm a scrumptious edible mountain

my new hairdoo

my new hairdoo two

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The Walrus

The walrus is awkward and slow moving on land but very graceful in the water. They have long been a major resource of the Inuit who use their hides for coverings, and their bones and tusks for weapons. Walrus seek out physical contact with other walruses. This helps walruses retain there body heat rather than lose it to the external environment. Physical contact is also indicative of their gregarious nature. The two types of walrus, Pacific and Atlantic migrate in the spring and fall following the food. The ice flows advance and retreat tells the walrus when its time to migrate.
Related to seals and sea lions the walrus has air sacs under their throats that they can fill like flotation bubbles. This allows them to bob vertically with their head above the water as they sleep giving them the advantage of keeping an eye on their surroundings at all times. Walrus are often thought of as the “watch dogs” of the water and teach us how to pay attention to the signs and signals within our environment. Information comes to us in various ways and the walrus is a master at understanding what one’s surroundings are trying to convey. The walrus teaches us how to connect with mother earth, heed her warnings and to hear what she is saying!
Walrus have a special strategy for digging up clams by squirting high-powered jets of water out their mouths and under the clams until they break free. This unique ability reflects their ingenuity and survival skills. Another interesting feature about the walrus is the way in which it changes color. It appears pale, almost white, while in the water for sustained periods of time. They turn a pinkish color in warm weather when tiny blood vessels in the skin dilate and circulation increases. Newborn calves are gray to brown in color. The changing color of the walrus reflects its ability to flow into ever changing realities without difficulty. Their thick skin and layers of fat help them keep warm in freezing conditions. They teach us how to protect ourselves from the physical cold as well as chilling emotions like despair or anger. The walrus teaches us how to keep the cold from creeping into our hearts and help us move through the rough emotional waters of life with ease.
inspiring link—keep scrolling