The High road prince of all challengers forgives

The High road prince of all challengers forgives

Part 1.

I was six years old,

green as the moss on the moist paving stones in winter

i was a cublike man, a manlike cub,

young, naive, intelligent, and pregnant.

my mind bubbled like a witches cauldron, hungry to step up,

to be tall, to be proud

like my father,

like my fathers father

like my fathers, fathers, father.

he shot the arrow straight into the air, grabbed my arm and we ran for cover.


Part 2.

spring 1979 he was mindless and highly unpredictable,

I left him there, damning the waters of his own salvation.

A virus begins.

and now as i stand here and ponder

the sensation stirs wonder and boundless strands of translucent yes fibers into the air,

like a child sneezing unreservedly in a crowded elevator offering his condition freely to those around him.

a virus

only this virus is intrinsically wholesome in nature

like a plague, to grow new limbs where old ones once stood.

an army of white blood celled soldiers whose only job

is to burn through rotting parts which no longer serve

like an atrociously uncontrolled wild fire,

like the shape your mouth makes when

you say i love you.

i can see it in my minds eye

and when i allow its influence to become the

seed for whats to grow next

all i can hear is laughter

not the laughter of the shallow hearted,

not the laughter at the cost of another

but the laughter that fills the chest cavity with mamas earth birthing power,

the laughter that knows no boundary could ever even scarcely attempt to contain its grandeur

the laughter of the small child

before the child knows what laughter is

the laughter you taste in your eyes as you step through the door

of yesterdays mistakes, and into the vastness of tomorrows potential

the laughter that fuels your capacity to stand before a flock of

hot greasy mouthed poker faced monsters named crack down, back breaker, and star stomper,

who all surround you and simultaneously attack, spitting extremely corrosive acidic venom

at your face.

but you

stand there so strongly in your laughter, that it turns into a forcefield of forgiveness

that infuriates your attackers into a mass of spontaneously combusting toddlers who spin

like dervishes until they too sprout power points of light from which the ineffable laughter you gave them spills.

the laughter of the green night.

the laughter of the high road prince of all challengers.

the laughter of true love.