Today’s my birth-day (the big three OH)

my sister mom and niece came to chico yesterday to hang out for my birthday. It was extremely amazing, i give endless thanks to be part of such an amazing experience. I’ll give you a link to my moms kodak gallery when she gets the photos up, she was snapping away the whole vist 😉
my friend labeba wrote me this emai:
I’ve included a picture of her from her recent music making exscursion to jamaica,
many blessings and gifts of mutating light creatures to guide you on this amazing path.
On this day I give thanks for you and feel so blessed to be able to share
moments and commune in sacred space.
Love and hugs,
In the heart of freedom
wings spread
this love like a dove
taking off beyond the horizon
giving thanks for the beauty of this life
giving thanks for all of creation
as you breathe
the sky blessess you with endless

One thought on “Today’s my birth-day (the big three OH)

  1. Hey!
    Good morning my lovely son!
    Glad to see you updated your site and found your BIRTHDAY GREETINGS!
    It is always such fun to surprise you!
    ENJOYED ‘hanging out” Sunday …
    will let you know when i get the pics posted!
    Love, Mumach
    PS HI LABEBA! missed seeing you at the CRUX on Sunday!

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