Cool Film on campus

University Film Series
Tuesdays, 7:30pm
Little Theatre (Ayres 106)
$3 donation suggested
September 5
Caravaggio (1986, U.K.)
93 min. 16mm. Directed by Derek Jarman. Hosted by Amy Bloch, Department of Art and Art History.
As this film reveals the 17th-century painter’s complex life—his brilliant, nearly blasphemous paintings and flirtations with the underworld—it is also a complex and lucid treatment of Jarman’s major concerns: violence, history, homosexuality, and the relationship between film and painting. “Brooding, sensual…a bold, quirky Caravaggio in pagan and poetic glory.”—Newsweek

preparation for burningman

so I’m kinda slacking on my blog.
ah well.
at least there’s something ?!
I saw a wounded dragonfly get eaten by a bluejay yesterday
i’ve been swimming in the creek a lot
learned some new firedancing moves
am enamoured by the interconnectedness of this never ending vessel called L.I.F.E.
I’ve been working on my trilobite structure (images below) it’s not quite done yet, still working on the paint job and front roof/antanae. I just got a new camera cause i lost my old one. (weird) I’ll take photos of the burningman set up too. cause i’ll have to re-build it on the playa.

we’re having a phat burningman gathering this friday @ the crux
here’s a photo of me in front of the art temple. more soon.

Jah bless,
the dragon

This is the dopest!
My brother NoMe busted it quite a while ago, he’s part of the gestalt collective in S.F. They let me paint with em sometimes. So Dope, check out some of the pics.
also Seamonster and I will be busting out some CRAZY performance-promised not to be normal, and friends will be playing music @ the crux this weekend.