this thing is coming along

to Mr. Stillman.
So… It’s the 5th of January 2006.
it’s been a great year so far.
i listened to this talk on The university of the 7 ray site last night.
this guy was talking about being ashamed to be a human or a modern human and even more specifically an american, which i do feel to a great deal. BUT he was saying that he got a message from spirit that the soul of america needs love. It doesn’t need me to be ashamed or feel guilt for all the messed up stuff that goes on. So I’ve shifted into loving this place because that what it needs.
there was actually a lot of pretty cool things said.
my site is coming a long i AM so excited and thankful.
much love

2 thoughts on “this thing is coming along

    • gracias amigo! mi espanol es poquito pobre y necesito una programma para tranducir, perro intiendo muchas de las palabras de tu mensaje,
      y gracias, me gusto to arte y pagina a facebook,
      si to visita california, bienvenidos a mi casa y galleria

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