dakini pics and a poem

pics of me and dakini rehersing for DREAM TIME AWAKENED at the 24th digital be in at somaarts.
the young man struggled to push the accursed numbers into his already filled brain.
he passed the paper to me, hesitantly, after an exhausted pause.
his re-entry into the planetary state of flux would have little to do with these figures
the dark green eyes of the raptor forcing these problems intantly into past tense,
a kiddie pool for disaster
the blueprints for mastery
page by page
in the form of subtle transmission and transmutation of matter
the computation falling sourly to the floor upon inspection,
yet how else to fly in the eyes of the knowledge bringing memes
pushing the agenda to bring the human mind to the brink
then surrender.
into the ether of her never ending education of evolution.
the body falling happily by the way side.
i would stand with my feet in the floor
wading through the shifting tides of her starlight eyes.
then he,
with the perfectly angled lips
would smile
and the slight curves
sending dilectible shivers
to my center
to die in the arms of
beloved, or the other,
or any for that matter,
watching as the breath leaves the body,
air sticking sweetly,
then leaving
to mix perfectly with all air,
perception redeaming what had seemed
an endless progression of instants,
yet the mind’s eye brings forth the spinning circle
a cause to celebrate her cerebral shape shifting nature,
through shadows cast by trees that never leave the being
once shown the core for galactic travel
the key
she kept whispering, is both high and low
heat that would sear the flesh
is quelled
by deep
cousing liquid.
the elixer of source veins
a simple yet perfect mixture
feeding each dream sequence.
so inevitably
i would listen, and find the power place,
where feet sink into dark chocolate flesh
liquid swimming around trunk like legs.
arms extending to reach the burning sky
skin dancing from surface to merge
with hers
in an instant
the focus is felt and channels pulse
to the core of her sphere
and up into the sky cave
forming the web of our endless fluxuation.
this is remembrance
she silently insists as she gently kisses both lids to
awaken what lay beneath.

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