It all came rushing back.
The girl with blond hair, laying in the grass in front of the high wire circus, the man who rolled into me causing me to roll into her
Her smile at my apology
The $15 dollar ticket to get into the car audio whare-house
That turned into a giant store, where I complimented her dress and the woman in line was slightly perplexed by my androgony and the light talk that the young dreamers danced around.
The start came with a re-commital to dissecting the life force with clarity. And remembrance on this temporal plane.
The necessity for pure energy to flow forth. All power sources must be free of debris.
It was 7.15.2005.
Equaling 29- my age at the time. There had been fear of death mostly caused by the use of drugs and abuse of the body.
She was in my dreams too. Starr. Her appetite for love in the dream world was delicious and much different than the girl I once knew, she had something to give me. What was it?

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