love poem

the feline was exquisite
and dangerous
she bound my heart into bones so frail
I could hear them creak
I left
to escape and slipped
on my own heart which had fallen
on the floor barring any exit.
she said it wasn’t complex
but I begged to differ
as her angel, in front of my eyes shifted
I sank into the floor and I myself became
the shifter
with conscious effort
the dreamless sleep turned to splendour.
turning into the tower
a beacon
my tiny arms antanae
I sent forth the tune
that played in the
hearts of the ones
whos bright eyes
shown forth the light
and darkness descended
through deep pupil like caverns
the breath of the little ones
mutated and changed them
each ear turned upward and up through
the floor boards came
and earth crackling soul shattering
banter which seared the flesh
but showed the path clearly
like telescopic lenses
for the first time penetrating
to the core of the mother
I resting my tired bones to slumber
and wake
and wake
and the cycle re-using my verses
to dream again-WHAT-
in the previous lifetime I had cursed
the joy re-envisioned through cage like structures
that leave me with only one motion
on ward
and up ward
through stormy skys and raindrops
of emotions the torrents are my sisters
my eyelids are frozen
peeled back
to see what truly lay beneath
each single thought
a thread
that winds its way through the
islands of my endless oceans
clever pundits that transmit
the tales of a million mutants
but that station was ended
cause people complained
they couldn’t follow the line of the story
unable to open the mind and uncategorize
the categories
but fare well
not without thee
not withought the reflection
a perfect mirror to taste the
as our most magnificent tall tale becomes clearer and clearer
you the one I long
to hear as my ears are turned
into antennae that pick up each slight tremble
that tickles your throat
and vibrates my lobes like a symbol
I willnot lose site of the spirit that moves you
leaping over the puddle we crash
into a beautifly mutating muddle
a slumber that
to unspecific for certainty
but regarless it is I
longing for you
and you for me.

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