for a note
of grace, to come
tickle the tip of my tongue.
To remember
the all consuming flame
that burns,
and i
don’t want
to die
with these things undone.
i ask the states
of grace and shame that impress the soul
to come forward
and i ask for the strength to stand in the all
consuming fire.
i ask for the strength of the divine creator,
i ask for the warriors eyes
the hawks prowess
the blade of the samurai.
i bring forth the light of a million souls
all marching to the divine drumbeat
all chanting with the cosmic breath of the all-mighty
each creative quest
a line
the web of transcendence
from shore to shore
mountain top to mountain top
we greet thee, our loving mother
we kneel to kiss your lap
wallowing in the dust of our own making,
your dark hot molten blood
rejoins us in our dance
channeling through our own veins.
we beckon the darkness of
each and every life
to throw into the all consuming fire.
in each light creature
allow the eyes of life to open
through transmutating portals
of ancient connecting lines
allow I
to become the light
and the light
to become I.

2 thoughts on “ASKING

  1. What a yummy site…thank you for the inspiration once again DragonBoy….May we continue to FrolicFly into the unkown with open hands and hearts and remember in the way that We Are Not Alone……

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