love is all it will ever take

* *
without testing the waters
how would he know it’s never safe to swim here.
things are never ok
in the way his mind wants them to be.
the light house is out of order
boats float blindly in the salty turbulence of a mind
too deep for measure,
this pleasure palace is tainted with a million dollar
means to gain victory.
perfection is not a thing
it’s a state of being- and your life is the side effect
i see you sing the same song
while the others wallow in a world
that’s not their own
they don’t belong
and that’s not ok
that’s why we’re here
steering the boats to safety
using every ounce of what light we have.
offering eternal wisdom to every
bleeding system
streets come clean by the
will of our everyday divine beings.
eccentric as happy children
as wise as owls eyes
we build homes for those without
we sing songs to the spirits
so that they may help us out
as they always do
you know this
i see it in your widening eyes
a knowing as deep as her body is wide
these tides are changing
and all that remains is giving
you see
value has no worth
worth has no value
if the truth we pursue is along a path
that does not end in a pool of loves liquid light.
endlessly abundant are her means
if only we’d slow down long enough to see,
she’s having a nervous breakdown
and it’s all because of me, and me, no me, no me,
no me, and 6 point something other billion me’s
who allow this dying state that rapes
and kills, torments and tortures
separates and shames and judges
we are one body.
there is no condemning in the future
not one shoulder will turn in abandon
not one mind will cast out another,
how do i know this you ask
because i live here
and i stand before you as
proof that words
are more powerful than sounds
our bodies happen to make,
and arms when hugging know
that love is all it will ever take,
and I
will never stop loving
each one of you.

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