her brilliant eyes
are reminders.
his open arms
are reminders.
their expanding and opening hearts,
post it notes for remembering
a time
when you
without the narrow confines
of a tormenting mind.
a time
when you were you.
a you, who, though confused
knew, the truth of your own heart.
a you who knew when eyes were lying,
a you whos body exuded the wonder of life itself,
married to all things you touched
sensatized to the slightest sounds and shifts in the atmosphere
a you who’s gentle inner hum
echoed that of mama’s womb
the birthing home from which you’d come.
The remembrance of these years
are your only chance for understanding the delicate ways
which cosmic mother weaves her life’s lessons.
To touch the air of now
with the same reverence you had then,
is to catch a glimpse
of a future
filled with the hope
of your true loving essence.

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