love is an avalanche

Love is an avalanche
love is the tempting voice to conquer
to cherish
to let go
to die.
to be born again amidst the current material
fluctuation of to and fro
this modern man
this modern circumstantial prescription
for taming animal temptations.
love is desire
at its essence
i know because these eyes
have drawn you here
before my own divine shadowy sphere portals,
the ones that reveal
without judgment the knowing reason for life
for love
because the two cannot be separated,
where there is separation there is no reason
where there is no reason, there is no being
where there is no being life and love do not exist.
therefore choose to sit
choose to listen
choose to find reason
unravel the strands of life
to find love.
your story is tall
its a tale i believe in
because here you stand
an all mighty effigy,
the reason for being.

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