e.akimojos and the mancubs “reading”

he’s inspired by the animals that hang from the walls
she’s inspired by:
“i guess like people, the act of bringing things together to make new things
i think one of the coolest things about being a person is the ability to make things,
whether it’s a structure or a social force
making is a way to get in the mode of contributing to this,
it’s something that your just as much a part of making, it’s fun.”
she’s been changing a lot,
and will go to Germany in just under 2 months
the tall one in black carries his white helmet to the door,
she questions the size of a space 7 meters squared,
ample living space for an exchanged artist?
she and he have a similar way of talking,
is it astrological?
many people in Chico drink "almond shakes"
her hair bow is very colorful.
he longs to unite pleasure and pain
creation with destruction
to stand in a deep pool of red syrup and cry
gallons of blue tears.
and the ability to strike oneself down
he draws the 7 of pentacles:
evaluating the status
reflecting on progress to date
reviewing what's been done
pausing to check results
making sure you're on course
finding out where you stand
taking stock
reaping a reward
finally seeing some results
enjoying the first fruits
getting returns on investments
receiving payoffs
being able to let up a bit
reaching a milestone

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