ughh. I’ve been working on this logo for Instructional Technology Strategic plan and it’s been really tuff. I can’t complain though cause it’s challenging and that’s always fun and rewarding. I start my first music class on Thursday and i’m pretty jazzed about that (pun intended).
One of my bestest friends in the world and mentors Ryan came back to chico to visit from Japan where he’s been teaching. He brought me a print of one of my favorite photos of his. He’s actually been shooting A lot of photos. I’m going to try and attach an image of the photo he printed for me using my minimal html skills.

3 thoughts on “LOGOS!!

  1. David,
    Happy Birthday 30 year old!!!! It is hard for me to believe that you and Tyler are not still little guys having fun together, but wonderful men pursuing your lives with the things you desire to accomplish!! I praise God for you and pray that you have an awesome, marvelous, outstanding birthday!!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Hi Dave, I meant to wish you happy birthday on YOUR BIRTHDAY, and I got busy, and forgot. How was it? I like your website . . . FUNKY & FRESH. Is 30 okey dokey/ I am going to be 30 Mar.3rd. Making me 6 months older than yer cousin Scott. Can you come out for our wedding in South Carolina???
    Luv, Amanda
    PS how much to comission your skills for our wedding invites.?

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