listening to 80s music and designing vagina poster

man i used to hate 80’s music, i think there was some negative emotional attatchment there, that i’ve now worked through. i’ve been working SOOO much lately, it’s crazy. UGGGH. but it’s pretty cool too though cause i get next month off. I took a screen capture of my screen to show you my progress and one of these designs won’t get used so you see it before it comes out and also what coulda been. lots of work in photoshop, the sun’s been out for the last few days yeah! k, gunna try the html thingy to put this image on here.

4 thoughts on “listening to 80s music and designing vagina poster

  1. you are becoming an html master!
    Hey, when is v-day? My sister was in the monologues or whatever down in San Jose a couple years ago, and she said I should go if I ever got the chance…

  2. Funny coincidence – that’s appearing at my local theatre in march and I was planning to go!
    BTW I like the redesign, Dave. Ciao.

  3. Hey there David!!! Happy, Happy Birthday to you! 30 to be exact! Where Oh where does time fly to? You have been so much fun to watch grow in those 30 years. It’s exciting to see your artwork and creativity and know that you have truly been touched by life with all it’s profound artwork and creativity everywhere. Have a great day, great year and a great future getting to explore more!! We love you, Aunt Cherie and Uncle Dick Come explore up this way anytime!!!

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