There are only 3 people in the world (that I love)

look gramma, I got a new piercing, can you tell which one it is?

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there are only 3 people in the world that i love
that’s because there are only 3 people in the world
there’s you,
there’s me,
and there’s us,
I’m serious.
I’ve decided to write the lessons my soul teaches me constantly.
I think it’s my soul, if it’s not my soul i’m pretty sure its “the masters”
or the christ, the monad, buddha,
etc etc…
there is this thing that starts to happen when one decides to live consciously
it’s like living the most vibrant revelations.
it is your own bible… the book of ” ________________” <—(your name here).
I've started to notice these themes within the revelations.
the one that's been coming through most recently is the reality described above.
i'm pretty sure it's come about through an effort on my part to cut out as much living in the dictations of mind chatter as possible. Instead of trying to constantly fix things in my mind (which pulls me from the reality that's before me) I've been having the realization that there is only one relationship in the world EVER, you, I, and we. If I am fully aware of these main beings and embrace each with the loving kindness i know is integral to all of creation there is a lot less time spent in needless illusion, plus it feels a lot like being in love ALL THE TIME!

2 thoughts on “There are only 3 people in the world (that I love)

  1. awesome, as usual!
    Enjoyed our conversation tonight, as usual!!

  2. ouch!!
    (my comment on the new piercing!!)
    with all the sneezing I’m doing lately …
    would be interesting to hear G’ma’s opinion …
    if she dared to express it.

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