One Single Note

Single note
floats above the crowd
vibrating in
perfect harmony
with her
inner voice
in unison
with the tune of
this expanding universe-
one choice
she says
with internal steps.
concrete stains remain
implanted oracle
frame by frame
dream sequence
plays on screen
through millions of colors
an endless palette of
harmonious hues on white walls
captain forget me not
as tall as a soldier can stand
holding an M-16
in his
one remaining hand-
“I love you”
I shout
“But I’m leaving you behind”
her loving voice is too strong-
the inventor
never actually wanted to drop the bomb-
but we had no choice
It is necessary to fully absorb
and listen
to every anger filled bit
in his waning voice.
You see
This War
is proof,
a telling tale of how fucked up things can get
but this is fuel for a burning fire
with no relent
a tidal wave of forget me nots
who’s notes we’ve just learned how to sing
opening up channels,
pounding drums, droning up the very
foundation from which we’ve come
drums of divine minds
drums of thunder head mum
these drums are not hum drums
not the hum drums of his powerless
and unnecessary capitalization of human sums,
the slumming down drums of a dying
nation of forceful dictation.
The Flags are all dead-on the tops of their poles.
*boom boom boom boom*
So hear this:
the temptation exists to tell off the so called
powers that be
but this won’t do
“This wont do”
she whispers into your inner ear
“become the power through my caress
let your soul gaze
and disintegrate all unhealthy remnants
in its relentless path of renewal.
I will seal my love with a kiss
and if your macho body can’t stand the
underlying power of it’s pure bliss
then fall
into your own reflection,
the one who’s lessons you keep
and i fear not
because I know
her nature
she offers suggestion after
awakening suggestion,
patiently tickling your lobes
with divine reminders
packaging tales
of renewal in the eyes of your
brothers and sisters
each one a bottomless gifter
a truth telling antennae
each tuned to her frequency
the real medicine we need
in order to cure his-stories dis-ease.
relentless is her breath
caressing surface to level
all resistance
raining high above their hearts
we lift them up
and ride the waves
and sing the notes
of a coming age.

One thought on “One Single Note

  1. We’ve been here, all along,
    watching you from Sector 5. We are determining what the future holds for you. We’ve found the bodys flesh and heres a thing or two,, Death and Hell are never full, and either are the eyes of men, Cats, can fly, from 9 stories high and Pigs can see the wind.

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