he thought the poem was very beautiful

he thought the poem was very beautiful,
but I sensed something below.
something hidden.
without discretion
and let it go
so the spot between your blades will release-
so the yearning desire in your lamenting loins will cease.
without the yearning
where is the point of re-entry?
problem solvers know
the perfection of any solution lies in the pieces
of the problem
a perfectly painted picture
shows the crack
and exit to the confines of any given
release from the casket filled with stones
Whose eyes dance wildly from the seas of their homes
this pond of perfect misery
which drives me to drink
your beauty
I call myself guilty
but find there is no One
accusing me.
Whose voice speaks to me?
“it is I your dear friend Mr. No-Body
let me tell you a story dot, dot , dot”
her dream was divided into 3 easy pieces-
he pulled the puzzle together
by guessing and granting
himself wishes
like a genie
he rubbed his own lamp and
appeared before himself
then after his first wish was granted,
he decided that wishing was not for him
no dreams to fulfill
no gain
no loss
sitting in the middle
a vessel
the rain came and filled him up
the rain left the sun then
filled him with dry warmth.
a skeleton key called desire dangled
before his one opened eye,
“if I catch”
he thought to himself
I can open doors
but do I want to
and how to get back to center
after golden gates are entered
the head might explode
such feedback
she’ll fly frequently
dancing from table top
to table top
kicking over happily
filled glasses
receives her payment then leaves
she cares
deep down
that’s why
she must embody the iconoclast
she must shoot through all
including her own
drown out the comfortable stagnation
of her own cozy home
remember these eyes
fall in love
with their strength
this is all that remains
tell a tale of renewal
as you scrub your own stains
take one kiss from your beloved’s lips
and kiss a million more
with the same grace
that you perpetually taste.
your eyes
give you away
so stop trying to keep yourself,
dance wildly with those whom you dance
give the gift of your essence
beyond circumstance
take chance, after chance,
after chance, after chance after chance, after chance, after chance, after chance…

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