30 foot tall paper doll

she is red
30 feet tall
a paper doll
my paper doll
i call her brenda
but everybody else calls her chopstick.
she’s better than any steak
you could eat.
in fact
not one ounce of her content is flesh,
she was pulpy
and wet
now she’s just stiff
and easily crinkled
bordering frail
not a bad deal though
if your planning on eating her
and rolling her into little
to throw at your friends
restricted by alien beings
which i ingest
the ends becoming the means
the first spark
igniting your long forgotten
fire friends
some call them beasts
a label i’ve come to love.
a table
set for two,
so we sit,
and read poetry
our skills
honed so delicately
we give
and take
listening while telling
telling while listening
your words
ignite my own
and my own become instant feedback
retreat, attack, retreat, attack
drops away like happily falling rain
as unbraziered breasts
tasting the breath
as you slowly inhale
before the next
which inevitably comes
draped over the
uncalculating day
ink stained sheets
eyes meeting again,
“this is the best”
you relate as i
absorb sugar coated
delivery callibrated
in millions of colors
drool drips daintily
from bottom lip
you lunge to catch
and sip
teasing pool swirls on tongue
creatures, every last one
from start to finish we open their
cold adult eyes like dennis the menace.
this one
true love
is a festival of the senses
one that never ends with the corporealy
clouded chaos of a
complete sentence
take these pills, and don’t call me in the morning
stay up all night
and write nonsense until you pen hand is bleeding
ever injecting mind boggeling mystery called air
can you stand?
30 feet tall
and hold your antane like arms to the heavenly abyss?
tricked like gilligain
regress into nothingess.
regress, then slink
like worm
inch by inch
to the place where sanity supposedly sits
but the closer you get
the less sane she seems
shooting appropriatley proportioned poisened arrows
into your constantly opening heart.
a good place to start
it seems, so you begin
this time it is you who falls
from rain cloud
absorbing into chocolatey soil
giving roots the mystery called water
blank blank strut stride emit noise glitch
go ahead trick me pwease
if it eases tired legs
so demanding
yet rewarding- you fall to the floor
and beg- eyes ignite words become
dancing blurs
that evaporate from human site
tall tale teller
tempting, but, lasting forever?
then violin woman steps to stage
quelling urges
4 feet tall in platformed heels
too slowly
blossoming into dr. suess statue
i worship this
empty ego
empty memories
sit on stage
set up stand
fragrant flowers explode
in untainted nose.

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