COSM door ala Mr. Brown

My good good friend comsically aligned and activated soul brother dave brown has created a master piece to go in the chapel of sacred mirrors. It’ll go on the outside of an elevator? I’ll have to check it out in person someday, i’ve never been to the COSM but one day i think I will.

It is so amazing how spirit is aligning our lives and revealing the unseen agenda. What am I talking about? Well this building where dave brown now has his welding studio is one of my favorite buildings in chico-Not sure why-It was also my x-wife/partner’s favorite building. the first time we hung out we realized this fact by comparing our photo/portfolio albums and finding that each of us had taken pictures of this building. And i’ve talked to other people about it—there’s something special there—it’s a power place without a doubt. Give thanks for the many blessed angels and entities that help and inspire us on this journey.
en lakesh
Dragonboy 56

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