my amazing niece (Nyomi) & a healing poem

A time for change
the reflecting force
of white
transformative light,
ever initiating the active
re-awakening forces.
I call to you,
in melodies
beyond the ears range.
I course through your veins
dancing, with delicate yet ever growing
indomitable resolve
to activate
the centers
of divine discernment.
I scribe the signs
that mark your passages
beyond time.
I invest my interest
to the potential
that you truly are.
take refuge in the darkness
of my cave.
fill my weather carved bowl with
your transforming tears
i will always accept you,
for who you are,
for what
you truly are.
I offer the kiss of serenity
and tranquility
when the tumult of
transformation leaves you bleeding.
I speak through leaves
when waking dreams bring
only dread and overwhelming intensity.
Rest here,
do nothing,
do nothing, as i do
and all things will be done
in each instant.
The speed of the mind
must be slowed
in order for my cleansing waters
to give full nourishment.
remain here in my cave
of loving rejuvenation
until the tides have returned
to her great
deep body.
step out into the light,
only after the healing inward attention
has been paid,
and dark liquid essence fully absorbed.
become the vessel
and give,
as you are given.
come unto me
and rest
then return
fully cleansed
eternal vision.

One thought on “my amazing niece (Nyomi) & a healing poem

  1. hey dave- your poems are beautiful; thoughtful…- written by you?? after our talk today during your appt i can see where you are coming from with healing- hope to be in your gallery soon to check it out. looks very nice. -cindy

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