remaining forever, a loving memory on her eternal quest

Your soul lights the fires that shed the tainted stains of self inflicted confines,
in Soul gazes you remain fixed on the chapters that matter most,
beyond the socially prescribed trailers of robotic stimuli,
I look,
into your
inner eyes.
the passion that’s only given rise
from her molten core,
to dance with this light
is to hold the key to eternities door.
and you will find me
i speak in whispers to your hearts day dreaming stations,
i crawl through the chambers of sacred space that open to the vast expanse,
the eye in each cloud
that cries the tears that make
the sorrow of her evolution perfectly clear.
our time exists
beyond the confines of the humanly inflicted dictation
our movements align with her push and pull,
the ebb and flow of universal law,
that, which, we should have learned in school
where it not our task
we’d never have known
but as it is
the coop we’ve flown
to soar on condors wings
to soul gaze so deeply into the others eyes it stings
but from this path there is no abandon,
we will see and manifest the power we’ve been given
in each instant
falling happily back into the sky from where we came
seeping like water,
we silently conquer and re-create the cleansing pool that is the universal mind.
we know
Gods time is upon us
each dreamer to the perfection which only exists
in the nucleus of each millisecond
placing one pristine princess slippered foot in front of the other,
we gather,
ever so softly, each silently whispering voice,
drawing such subtle power
we see the lies of HIS-tory devoured.
and in her ravine
we convene,
connecting nature’s tantric grid
we shape shift from the elementals
in whom we’ve hid
collapsing into
we dance
remaining forever
a loving memory
on her eternal quest.

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