Gods New Navy @ the RAYRAY gallery DEC 2011

This body of work is dedicated to Beverly Hanna, who was an “Official U.S. Navy photographer” from the early 1940s to the late 1950s. The b/w photographs displayed on the wall were taken by her. I feel a kinship with her, we were/are both dedicated to capturing the beauty of an army, and, as the photograph of her person suggests, we are both children of the dragon empress.
This floating army is also a tribute to the man Jesus, who embodied and expounded upon the reality of the Cosmic Christ during his immaculate earthly incarnation. To be quite honest my artwork is always about Jesus. As an artist, but more importantly as a disciple of my own soul, it is my task to relate what it means to “pick up your cross and carry it” as a daily practice. The symbol of the cross is one of the oldest in existence. One of it’s representations is the marriage of matter (mother) & spirit (father) with us, as the sons of God, standing in the middle. And, as Jesus taught, through the power of the Cosmic Christ, we have the capacity to comprehend our origin and awaken to the significance of our role within this mystery called life.
These ships are representatives of an army of the divine, each is an altar, an object of meditation, who’s power can transform how we perceive the world and our place in it. They are made of toys and mundane objects for a reason. They are all soldiers for truth in the army of the dragon empress.

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