Dragonboy 56, 3/27/10, Chico CA
I met Jesus in person,
he was sitting at the Tin Roof Bakery eating a croissant, he says they have the best croissants in chico.
He was just there. I didn’t know who he was, I said hey, he said “hi”,
my names dragonboy, he smiled “i know”, he said
“Oh, have i met you before or something?”
“No” he said, “I’m Jesus”
“oh cool”, I said kind of laughing…” that’s a great name.”
“No” he said” I AM Jesus, the one who that book was written about.”
“hmmmmm”… I said suspiciously. “well alright…Your jesus”
do you have any words of wisdom jesus?

“yeah”, he said, “i do, you should tell everyone they are rad”
“OMG jesus i said laughing, this is ridiculous”
“I’m serious” he said
“that’s awesome jesus, thanks”
so, from the son of man himself here it is, You’re rad.
then he said “hey i just wrote a poem do you want to hear it?”
“Hell yeah Jesus, i mean, ahh, sure…”
“it’s all good dragon”, he said
then he read me this poem
“You, are a paraglider for the grand duchess of DOOM
whether you like it or not.
Whether you like it or not,
your day dreams
are not dreams at all.
Whether you like it or not,
your tongue is a bloodied two edged battle axe
and as much as you’d like to clean the blade
you swing it so much and so flagrantly, that you never get the chance.
There is hope,
at the bottom of your tongue
deep in the well of your eternal watering hole
there is a golden malleable unicorn horn,
and it’s specifically engineered to absorb any attackers blow
in fact,
when properly and fully activated
your battle axe becomes a rainbow bright butterfly blanky
which wraps around
and caressingly and lovingly cuddles everything in it’s path.
It’s pretty rad.
you should try it.”
so, you can imagine my reaction, after hearing thissssssss… poem
directly from the son of man. a modern parable why not?
all i could say was “wow, thanks, thanks jesus
I’ll try and remember that “.
Thank You dragonboy

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