A Collaborative Painting Project by Jacquelyne Price & dragonboy56
Jacquelyne Price and David Sutherland (dragonboy56), join artistic forces to explore “process painting” on large format canvas & cloth, using acrylic, latex, oil pastels with a touch of mixed media and collage. ACUARIO, the spanish word for Aquarius, best describes these brilliantly colored expressions, which are the remains of an adventure into the emotional waters and airy minds of both artists. Grab some coffee take a seat and let yourself sink into the tides of ACUARIO.
2 VENUES: See Acuario during the month of June at The Naked Lounge (118 W. 2nd St) and Has Beans Internet Cafe & Galleria (501 Main St)
Join the artists for a Reception at the Naked Lounge 6-8pm on Saturday June 7—includes refreshments and an open game of “Win Lose or Draw” *original ART prizes given to top contestents!
If your not in Chico or California or even the contintental US you can view some of these pieces here

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